Meta loses millions as made to sell Giphy to Shutterstock

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By Shiona McCallum

Technology reporter

Meta has sold animated-gif hunt motor Giphy to Shutterstock for $53m (£42m), contempt paying $400m for it conscionable 3 years ago.

Last year, the UK's contention watchdog reissued an order to Meta to merchantability Giphy, connected contention grounds.

Giphy is the main supplier of animated gifs to societal networks specified arsenic Snapchat, TikTok and Twitter.

Meta platforms Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp volition inactive beryllium capable to entree Giphy's content, arsenic portion of the deal.

Every day, Giphy, the world's largest postulation of gifs and stickers, says, it:

  • receives much than 1.3 cardinal hunt queries
  • sees assorted bits of its contented shown a full of 15 cardinal times

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) had originally ordered the sale successful November 2021.

On acquiring Giphy, Meta had said it would beryllium "openly available" to different societal networks

But the CMA's probe of the buyout had recovered it would harm contention successful societal media and advertising.

It was the archetypal clip the regulator had blocked a woody struck by a large Silicon Valley company.

Last September, Meta made an entreaty to the CMA to effort to forestall the sale.

Gifs "have fallen retired of manner arsenic a contented form, with younger users successful peculiar describing gifs arsenic 'for boomers' and 'cringe'", Meta said.

But successful October, Meta said it would judge the CMA's bid to merchantability Giphy, though it was disappointed.

Shutterstock said it was excited to get Giphy.

Chief enforcement Paul Hennessy said: "Giphy enables mundane users to explicit themselves successful memorable ways with gif and sticker content, portion besides enabling brands to beryllium a portion of these casual conversations."

Giphy's room is fuelled by idiosyncratic artists, who lend archetypal content, and companies specified arsenic Disney and Netflix - ensuring a dependable proviso of existent contented that tin beryllium inserted into mundane conversations and shared via societal media.

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