Microsoft's AI 'copilot for work' can write your emails and let you skip meetings

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Microsoft has revealed an AI "copilot for work" that tin constitute your emails and let you to drawback up connected skipped meetings.

The tech elephantine is bringing the ChatGPT-like adjunct to each of its Office apps, including Word, Teams, and Outlook.

A recorded video showed the bot summarising calls, taking notes during meetings, and answering questions astir what radical had said during them.

More circumstantial requests besides included creating PowerPoint presentations based connected accusation successful different document, drafting emails for lawsuit invites, oregon analysing ample amounts of information successful Excel spreadsheets.

Copilot volition besides beryllium successful a dedicated Teams chat, wherever users tin inquire much wide enactment questions, specified arsenic to summarise a postulation of emails, oregon commencement penning a task plan.

"It volition alteration enactment arsenic we cognize it," said enforcement Jared Spataro.

The announcements were made astatine an lawsuit introduced by Microsoft main Satya Nadella.

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Microsoft's Copilot AI. Pic: Microsoft

Copilot volition  beryllium  baked into each  of Microsoft's Office apps. Pic: Microsoft

Image: Pics: Microsoft

'Mitigations successful place' for if AI goes wrong

Microsoft said the caller features would beryllium rolled retired to a constricted fig of customers initially, and acknowledged Copilot would apt marque mistakes - arsenic these AI models person proved prone to do.

They are known arsenic ample connection models, arsenic they are trained connected immense amounts of substance information and capable to recognize and nutrient human-like responses.

But they person been shown to conflict to separate betwixt close and wrong, and yet volition often respond conscionable arsenic confidently either way.

Microsoft says Copilot has been tested extensively and volition beryllium perpetually monitored and improved during its rollout.

"When the strategy gets things wrong, oregon has biases, oregon is misused, we person mitigations successful place," insisted the firm's main idiosyncratic Jamie Teevan.

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Will this chatbot regenerate humans?

AI arms contention hotting up

It comes aft Microsoft made a multibillion-dollar concern successful ChatGPT's creator, OpenAI, with its latest GPT-4 model having already been added to the firm's new-look Bing hunt engine.

Bing's chatbot was concisely constricted past period aft reports that it was providing users with immoderate highly questionable responses and answers, including complaining astir antagonistic quality sum astir itself.

Earlier this week, rival Google said it would beryllium bringing its ain generative AI to workplace apps similar Gmail.

The hunt elephantine precocious revealed its reply to ChatGPT, a bot named Bard.

Investment successful AI is besides soaring successful China, wherever Google-like hunt institution Baidu past nighttime showed disconnected its ain ChatGPT-like adjunct called Ernie.

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