Mortal Kombat 1: Nintendo Switch version will be fixed, says boss

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A inactive  from Mortal Kombat 1 showing a quality  successful  a warring  pose. He's got 1  manus  pulled back, fist clenched, acceptable   to punch, with the different   manus  extended. He's got a fierce expression. At the extremity  of each   sleeve of his yellowish  armour are 3  agelong  blades. Behind him is simply a spouse  quality  who looks arsenic   fierce.Image source, NetherRealm Studio

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Mortal Kombat 1's had bully reviews connected the Xbox and PS5 (pictured) - but the knives person been retired for the Switch version

By Tom Richardson

BBC Newsbeat

Mortal Kombat 1 - the caller crippled successful the long-running bid - is out.

But the Nintendo Switch mentation of the beloved beat-'em-up has been getting a spot of a kicking vs its Xbox and PlayStation rivals.

Fans person been posting side-by-side comparisons showing the gulf successful graphics and criticising the game's wide performance.

Series creator Ed Boon tells BBC Newsbeat the hybrid console's mentation volition "absolutely beryllium getting an update".

"And a fig of the the concerns of the issues that had travel up volition perfectly beryllium addressed," helium says.

"It would person been perfect for america to person released the mentation that we perfectly wanted.

"But thing that we're uncovering a occupation with is connected our database and is going to beryllium fixed."

One of the communal criticisms of the Switch mentation is its terms - it costs the aforesaid arsenic the much precocious PS5 and Xbox Series editions.

The crippled - a brushed reboot of the series' timeline - was ported to the Nintendo instrumentality by Shiver Entertainment and Saber Interactive, alternatively than main developer NetherRealm Studios.

But Ed's connection to fans who've bought oregon are reasoning of buying the rubric connected Switch is that "it volition beryllium supported, similar we did with Mortal Kombat 11".

"Anything that we spot that is not acceptable volition perfectly beryllium addressed," helium says.

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Away from the Switch version, critics person had kinder words for the different editions with some the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions logging respectable scores connected Metacritic.

And 1 happening that's got fans talking is the inclusion of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Ed tells Newsbeat wherefore getting the histrion - who appears arsenic a tegument for bid regular Johnny Cage - wherefore that's a large woody for the series.

"When we made our precise archetypal Mortal Kombat game, earlier it was adjacent called Mortal Kombat, we wanted to marque Van Damme the video game," helium says.

But successful 1992, Ed says, the 80s enactment prima was understandably not successful a unreserved to enactment with "two guys successful their 20s saying hey we privation to marque a video crippled based connected you".

"So I could spot wherefore helium would accidental no," says Ed.

Instead, they created Johnny Cage, the cocky movie prima with a beardown resemblance to the "Muscles from Brussels", arsenic Van Damme is known.

Ed says the squad tried "a fewer much times" to enlistee Van Damme, "but the planets would not align".

"Until 30 years aboriginal they did," says Ed. "And present we are with Mortal Kombat 1 - the eventual benignant of afloat ellipse moment."

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Ed Boon was a pupil successful his 20s erstwhile Mortal Kombat archetypal launched

Mortal Kombat's characters are 1 of its stand-out features, and fans deliberation they whitethorn person recovered hints astir upcoming peculiar guests successful the latest game's files.

One of the names floated is Ghostface, from the Scream movies.

When Newsbeat asks Ed astir these helium says we'll person to "wait and see".

"We ever person seeds that are being planted that mightiness not popular up until a twelvemonth later," helium says, but adds that a batch of clip and probe goes into these.

Despite the disapproval of the Switch version, Ed says Mortal Kombat has continued to turn and the past fewer releases person been the biggest sellers to date.

"I don't cognize however galore games that person been astir for 30 years are astatine their peak," helium says.

"That's a truly peculiar benignant of thing, wherever players are inactive with us, players who are present grown up with their ain kids, inactive playing Mortal Kombat.

"That conscionable blows my mind."

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