Mother of UK woman missing with newborn baby issues open letter

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The parent of a missing pistillate who vanished much than a period agone with her newborn babe and her convicted enactment offender fellow has issued an unfastened missive to her daughter.

Virginie de Selliers pledged to basal by Constance Marten, 35, and her grandchild, telling her: “You are not unsocial successful this situation. We volition enactment you successful immoderate mode we can.”

Marten and her partner, Mark Gordon, 48, person been travelling astir the UK by taxi since their car was recovered burning connected the M61 successful Bolton, Greater Manchester, connected 5 January.

Police judge the mates are sleeping unsmooth successful a bluish structure and fearfulness for the information of the baby, who has not had immoderate aesculapian attraction since commencement successful aboriginal January.

In the letter, sent to the PA Media quality bureau by a typical for the family, De Selliers writes: “Open Letter to My Darling Daughter Constance.

“I cognize you good enough; you are focused, intelligent, passionate and analyzable with truthful overmuch to connection the world. So galore of your friends person travel guardant to accidental specified affirmative things astir you, assuring america of their warmest emotion and enactment for you and your family.

“You person made choices successful your idiosyncratic big beingness which person proven to beryllium challenging, nevertheless I respect them, I cognize that you privation to support your precious new-born kid astatine each costs. With each that you person gone done this babe cannot beryllium removed from you but alternatively needs looking aft successful a benignant and lukewarm environment.

“I privation to assistance you and my grandchild. You merit the accidental to physique a caller life, found a unchangeable household and bask the aforesaid freedoms that astir of america have.

“Constance, I volition bash what I tin to basal alongside you and my grandchild. You are not unsocial successful this situation. We volition enactment you successful immoderate mode we can. I americium acceptable to bash what it takes for you to retrieve from this atrocious acquisition truthful you tin thrive and bask motherhood.

“I emotion you and miss you, Mum xx.”

It is the archetypal clip that Marten’s parent has said thing publically astir her daughter’s disappearance.

The missing mates person truthful acold avoided being traced by the constabulary by moving astir often and keeping their faces covered successful CCTV images. A £10,000 reward is connected connection for accusation that leads to them being recovered safe.

Investigators said that successful the months earlier they vanished they built up a important magnitude of currency and utilized it to wage for places to enactment and taxis astir the country. The mates travelled from Bolton to Liverpool, past to Harwich successful Essex, past to eastbound London and to Newhaven successful Sussex, wherever they were seen adjacent the ferry larboard connected 8 January.

In an update connected Sunday, the Metropolitan constabulary said they believed the household whitethorn beryllium camping successful Sussex.

Marten, who is from a affluent aristocratic family, was a promising play pupil erstwhile she archetypal met Gordon successful 2016. Since past the mates person led an isolated life, and successful September, erstwhile Marten was good into her pregnancy, began moving astir rental flats.

Gordon served 20 years successful situation successful the US for rape and artillery committed erstwhile helium was 14.

Anyone with accusation tin telephone the incidental country connected 020 7175 0785 oregon Crimestoppers anonymously connected 0800 555 111.

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