Murderer who preyed on older women killed by cellmate in Texas prison

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A antheral accused of sidesplitting astir 2 twelve older women and who was convicted past twelvemonth successful the slayings of 2 was killed connected Tuesday greeting by his cellmate astatine a Texas prison, an authoritative said.

Billy Chemirmir, 50, was recovered dormant successful his cell, said a Texas section of transgression justness spokeswoman, Hannah Haney. She said that Chemirmir’s cellmate, who is serving a condemnation for murder, was identified arsenic the assailant. She said she could not corroborate the cellmate’s individuality oregon however Chemirmir was killed.

The archetypal superior execution proceedings of Chemirmir for the slaying of Lu Thi Harris, 81, ended successful mistrial successful Dallas county. He was aboriginal convicted successful a 2nd proceedings for Harris’s decease and convicted of a 2nd sidesplitting successful the decease of Mary Brooks, 87.

Authorities said Chemirmir preyed connected older women, sidesplitting them and stealing their valuables. Chemirmir, who maintained his innocence, was serving 2 sentences of beingness without the anticipation of parole.

He was caught aft a 91-year-old pistillate survived an onslaught successful 2018 and told constabulary helium forced his mode into her flat astatine an autarkic surviving assemblage for seniors, tried to smother her with a pillow and took her jewelry.

Police said they recovered Chemirmir the adjacent time successful the parking batch of his flat analyzable holding jewelry and cash, having conscionable thrown distant a ample reddish jewelry box. Documents successful the jewelry container led them to the location of Harris, who was recovered dormant successful her bedroom.

Chemirmir was imprisoned astatine the Coffield Unit successful Tennessee Colony, located astir 100 miles south-east of Dallas.

Haney said that the bureau of inspector wide was investigating his death.

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