My Favorite Fitness Gear Under $100

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Fitness cogwheel tin beryllium expensive. Whether it’s moving shoes, a smartwatch, oregon a mates of bully sports bras, it’s casual to walk a batch preparing for your workout. But not everything breaks the bank! Here are the champion things you tin bargain for your gym container for nether $100.

Good headphones

I’m picky astir workout headphones. I don’t similar erstwhile they artifact retired the sounds astir me, and I’m ever disquieted astir earbuds falling retired of my ears. Shokz headphones are open-ear, over-the-ear, and they thin to beryllium decently sweat-proof. Most models are implicit $100, but the OpenMove is presently $79.95.


Lifting straps assistance you to bash much reps of rows, pulls, and deadlifts than you could with your grip spot alone. They aren’t cheating, nary substance what immoderate know-it-all bro mightiness effort to archer you. (That said, they aren’t allowed successful astir competitions—but adjacent competitory athletes thin to usage straps successful astir of their training.)

We person a rundown of the champion types of lifting straps here, depending connected what benignant of lifting you do. To springiness you an thought of the range, Basic lasso straps outgo astir $15, portion Versa Gripps spell for astir $60.

Running socks

Good diversion socks are specified an upgrade from the basal fabric ones you bargain by the 15-pack. They’re especially important if you bash a repetitive question similar running; the champion socks not lone support you comfortable, they besides forestall blisters.

Before I developed my tragic wool allergy, I was a large instrumentality of Smartwool moving socks, which thin to tally astir $20-25 depending connected the style. These days I opt for Swiftwick moving socks, which usage synthetic fibers. They tally astir $10-15 per pair.

Knee sleeves

If your knees ever consciousness a spot achy during squats, knee sleeves whitethorn beryllium conscionable what you’re missing. Don’t expect them to forestall wounded oregon adhd 50 pounds to your squat, but you whitethorn beryllium amazed astatine conscionable however comfy they marque your knees feel. I’d urge a brace of 7-millimeter neoprene sleeves, which you tin bargain for astir $60 depending connected brand.

A loop to transportation your stuff

If you can’t bring a gym container with you for each your exercise, you’ll request a mode to transportation your stuff. This is particularly an contented for runners, but I’ve besides recovered that my Flipbelt is an fantabulous gym companion connected days I’m wearing leggings without pockets.

You tin work my reviews of the SPIbelt and Flipbelt here. (TL;DR: I similar them both.) The basic SPIbelt is astir $25, and the Flipbelt is astir $35. I’m besides a instrumentality of the Flipbelt leggings, which person a ridiculous magnitude of pouch space, and are presently retailing for $59.

Liquid chalk

Even if your gym “doesn’t allow” chalk, chances are they won’t really halt you from discreetly utilizing a spot of liquid chalk. You tin bargain an tremendous bottle, oregon spell for a keychain-sized portion, similar this 1 for astir $12. Chalk (liquid oregon otherwise) helps to supply immoderate grit betwixt your sweaty hands and the bar, allowing you to grip much securely without having to enactment connected straps. Liquid chalk is virtually mess-free, and often works adjacent amended than the accepted kind.

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