Myanmar rapper Byu Har arrested for criticising junta

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Byu Har successful a photograph released aft his arrest

One of Myanmar's biggest hip-hop artists has been detained for criticising the subject authorities connected Facebook, the BBC has confirmed.

Byu Har criticised the junta's handling of nationwide powerfulness outages that person deed Myanmar successful the past months.

The state has struggled to unafraid supplies for gas-fired energy plants since the 2021 coup which ousted Aung San Suu Kyi's civilian government.

His detention is conscionable the latest successful the regime's crackdown connected critics.

Byu Har, who had been based successful Yangon, had called the energy curate "a fool" and "incompetent" successful a video posted to Facebook connected Tuesday night.

"During the past 5 years nether the aged lady, we had 24 hours of electricity, not lone that, the energy measure was [going] down," helium said referring the erstwhile democratically-elected person Ms Suu Kyi.

The rapper utilized incendiary connection to notation to the junta's leaders and besides included his location code successful the video's caption, inviting them to apprehension him if they took contented with the post.

The instrumentalist was detained successful Yangon's North Dagon Township by constabulary connected Wednesday earlier friends and household mislaid interaction with him, sources acquainted with the incidental told the BBC.

Prior to his arrest, the rapper had received respective warnings from authorities for producing euphony captious of the junta, they added.

It is unclear wherever Byu Har is being held oregon what information helium is in.

Myanmar's authorities routinely taxable detainees to utmost interrogation and torture, the details of which person been documented by quality rights organisations specified arsenic Amnesty International.

Byu Har is the lad of Naing Myanmar, 1 of the Southeast Asian nation's astir salient musicians.

Naing Myanmar's opus "The World Will Not End", became an anthem during the 1988 revolution, which saw pupil activists pb a nationwide uprising against the erstwhile subject regime.

The opus has besides re-emerged successful the existent civilian warfare that has been raging since the coup successful February 2021.

Two years on, the subject authorities has failed to summation authorization implicit ample areas of the country. It is battling established taste equipped groups successful borderline areas that person been astatine warfare with the subject for decades, and recently-formed anti-coup militias that telephone themselves People's Defence Forces (PDFs) successful overmuch of the remainder of the country.

Many thousands of radical person been killed and immoderate 1.4 cardinal person been displaced since the coup. Nearly 1 3rd of the country's colonisation is successful request of aid, according to the United Nations.

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