Myles Bradbury victim: 'I won't let abuse by doctor affect my entire life'

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Aaron Parsons, present 21, who has waived his close to anonymity, was a unfortunate of Myles Bradbury erstwhile helium was a child

By Kate Scotter

BBC News, East of England

Myles Bradbury was jailed astir a decennary agone for abusing patients successful his attraction astatine Addenbrooke's Hospital successful Cambridge.

But, for his victims, their conflict for justness did not extremity with his sentencing.

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH) has revealed it has paid retired much than £1.3m successful compensation to 39 victims.

One of those who precocious received a pay-out is Aaron Parsons - and helium says helium remains determined to get implicit the abuse.

He says: "I'm not going to fto it impact my full beingness - if I fto that happen, I fto him inactive person that powerfulness and helium shouldn't person that power, helium doesn't merit it."

As a kid diligent nether the attraction of Bradbury, Mr Parsons had nary thought astatine the clip that helium was 1 of the doctor's victims.

Mr Parsons, who has waived his close to anonymity, was lone 9 past and had been seeing Bradbury for check-ups relating to his leukaemia diagnosis astatine the property of two.

Now 21, Mr Parsons says it was not until helium got older that helium realised Bradbury's behaviour had been inappropriate and helium excessively was 1 of his victims.

"In immoderate cases, you perceive that a child's been told to support quiescent astir thing oregon that's 'it's OK, it's a game, oregon something' but it wasn't thing similar that, you assumed it was a aesculapian procedure.

"He explained it distant with aesculapian presumption and it made consciousness astatine the clip due to the fact that you're not going to situation the doc due to the fact that helium has each authorization successful that room," helium says.

"There was nary challenging of it, adjacent though it mightiness person felt uncomfortable, owed to the quality of it, it was argued distant successful my ain caput that it's a doctor, it indispensable beryllium necessary."

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Myles Bradbury was jailed aft admitting 25 offences, including intersexual assault, voyeurism and possessing much than 16,000 indecent images

Bradbury, of Herringswell, Suffolk, admitted 25 offences against 18 victims, including intersexual assault, voyeurism and possessing much than 16,000 indecent images.

He was sentenced successful 2014 to 22 years successful prison, which was aboriginal reduced to 16, with an further six years connected licence, connected appeal.

Spy pen

The maltreatment occurred implicit a four-year play betwixt 2009 and 2013 portion Bradbury was moving arsenic a consultant.

At the clip of his sentencing, it was heard helium would usage a spy pen to instrumentality pictures of his victims and transportation retired "examinations purely for his ain intersexual gratification and with nary aesculapian justification".

It was arsenic an big that Mr Parsons, from Cambridgeshire, realised the checks Bradbury was supposedly making to guarantee determination were nary complications from his chemotherapy erstwhile helium reached puberty "clearly weren't right".

It had emerged Bradbury utilized excessive puberty checks arsenic an excuse to battle patients.

"He was a humor specialist. I consciousness that determination would person been different, hormonal ways to cheque for puberty, alternatively than a carnal way," helium said.

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Bradbury was jailed successful December 2014 aft admitting abusing 18 victims astatine Addenbrooke's Hospital successful Cambridge

Mr Parsons says helium felt "disgusted and betrayed" by what happened.

"That presumption of power, being a doc and being capable to maltreatment that, it exacerbates the symptom you consciousness from it.

"It's affected maine a lot, much than I realised. It makes maine consciousness gross," helium says.

Dr Myles Bradbury

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Bradbury visited an orphanage successful Swaziland successful 2012 arsenic portion of a squad helping 300 children

  • Registered arsenic a haematologist successful 2007
  • Bradbury had entree to 128 young people betwixt April 2012 and March 2013, during a survey of malignancy
  • Following Bradbury's arrest, a registrar astatine Addenbrooke's noticed from records helium seemed to beryllium "awfully focused" connected puberty
  • He utilized excessive puberty checks arsenic an excuse to battle patients, portion their parents sat unaware the different broadside of the curtain
  • Bradbury visited an orphanage successful Swaziland successful 2012 arsenic portion of a squad helping 300 children
  • The spy pen helium utilized was recovered to clasp 170,425 images of "boys partially clothed... nary indecent"
  • Bradbury was placed connected the enactment offenders registry for beingness and made taxable of a intersexual offences prevention bid for life

Sources: General Medical Council, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and BBC

Mr Parsons says helium besides feels "sadness" for each of Bradbury's victims, for whom "it volition besides person long-lasting effects for the remainder of their lives".

He says helium hoped by speaking out, further victims would travel forward.

Mr Parsons, who was represented by solicitor Samantha Robson, received a £50,000 pay-out from Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH), portion his mum was compensated a further £4,500.

But helium says: "The wealth is arbitrary, immoderate radical deliberation I americium truthful fortunate to person the wealth but if I could springiness the wealth backmost and ne'er person had to woody with what happened, I would."

He says helium does not consciousness helium has "closure" yet. "But I privation to get there," helium adds.

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The pen utilized by Bradbury had a tiny camera conscionable supra the clip and could beryllium plugged into a machine to download the footage

Meanwhile, helium says helium is determined to not fto the maltreatment helium was subjected to to impact his future.

"I'm not going to enactment similar it's destroyed my life. There are aspects of my beingness that it has negatively affected, but I've got goals successful beingness I privation to enactment towards and I consciousness that my past should not impact those.

"I americium blessed with my beingness now."

CUH told the BBC it has paid retired £1,327,150 to 39 victims, some antheral and female, of Bradbury.

It says it has continued to enactment the victims of Bradbury and "sensitively woody with their ineligible claims".

"We would similar to apologise again to those affected by Bradbury's sickening and abhorrent abuse.

"He manipulated information procedures to harm those successful his attraction and broke the spot of his patients, their families and his colleagues successful the NHS," a spokesperson added.

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