'Negligence' behind fans' World Cup woes

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Ogden: Al Bidda Fan Festival is simply a shade municipality (1:20)

Mark Ogden is astatine 1 of the main World Cup instrumentality zones successful Doha and shows however bare it is, conscionable hours earlier Argentina takes connected Saudi Arabia. (1:20)

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  • Mark OgdenSenior Writer, ESPN FC

DOHA, Qatar -- Football fans near stranded without accommodation successful Qatar owed to authoritative instrumentality villages being unfinished due to the fact that of "operator negligence" person been offered afloat refunds by the Supreme Committee successful complaint of the organisation of the World Cup.

Thousands of travelling fans person been fixed the enactment of staying successful low-priced camps successful the godforsaken -- a nighttime successful a converted shipping instrumentality costs astir $200 (£165) a nighttime -- with basal facilities and communal washing areas.

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But immoderate sites are inactive unfinished, with supporters turning up to the instrumentality colony astatine Rawdat al Jahhaniya discovering that ample areas of the tract were inactive nether consruction, with lavation basins and toilets waiting to beryllium installed.

And with fans from crossed the globe complaining astir the modular of the accommodation, the Supreme Committee, led by the Qatari government, has present authorised afloat refunds.

A Supreme Committee spokesperson told ESPN: "We are alert that a fig of fans person faced delays checking into prime instrumentality colony accommodation owed to proprietor and relation negligence.

"A conception of units successful these facilities, which are delivered and managed by antithetic backstage entities, person not met the required standards that were advertised to fans.'

"While these sites are managed by autarkic commercialized entities, rectifying these issues remains the utmost precedence for the Supreme Committee.

"Full refunds are being offered to fans severely impacted by this contented arsenic good arsenic alternate accommodation which volition beryllium escaped of complaint for the duration of their stay."

ESPN has attempted to talk to the authoritative accommodation hotline, but aft speaking to an relation was told that the strategy was "under maintenance" and to "call backmost tomorrow."

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