Neom: The futuristic city where ‘people, robotic avatars and holograms can co-exist’

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is simply a bubbling beaker of Arabian contented mixed with science-bending futurism – with megacity Neom spearheading the change.

From its technological verve to its sustainability ambitions, it’s wide that Neom is firmly successful complaint of its ain narrative, with robotic avatars and holograms acceptable to go portion of mundane life.

Emerging from stark godforsaken splendour, the 26,500 kilometre quadrate tract volition widen 460 kilometres on the seashore of the Red Sea successful the Tabuk Province of Saudi Arabia, providing a self-sufficient residential haven powered wholly by renewable energy. 

“Interwoven with nature, and precocious by technology, Neom is pioneering a caller mode of surviving and caller ways to travel,” says Head of Tourism astatine Neom, Andrew McEvoy.

“It is our ambition to beryllium the world’s astir appealing yet sustainable destination and bring imaginativeness and flair backmost into travel.”

The $500 cardinal (€480 billion) astute metropolis aims to pull 5 cardinal visitors by 2030 and the archetypal hotels are scheduled to unfastened successful 2024, though according to McEvoy, the improvement volition ne'er extremity connected what is “perhaps the astir ambitious task successful the world”.

Made up of 3 main districts, Neom volition agelong crossed mountains, godforsaken and the sea. The Line, a 160-kilometre-long sustainable city, volition person the capableness for 1 cardinal residents, portion Oxagon volition go the largest floating concern analyzable successful the world. For adventurers, however, obscurity volition comparison to the dizzying heights of Trojena.

What does Trojena person to offer?

Trojena is located 50 kilometres from the Gulf of Aqaba seashore surrounded by the pristine ranges of the Sarawat Mountains, with elevations ranging from 1,500 metres to 2,600 metres.

Covering an country of astir 60 quadrate kilometres, the task is acceptable to go the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) lone outdoor year-round destination with high-mountain-quality adust air, according to Communications and Marketing Director astatine Trojena, Clark Williams.

“Trojena plans to beryllium the pinnacle of quality ingenuity successful plan arsenic good arsenic architectural and engineering innovation,” helium says.

“It volition acceptable a caller benchmark for the aboriginal of upland developments and volition beryllium a important destination successful the region.”

Expected to unfastened successful 2026, Trojena volition person a ski slope, upland biking, watersports and world-class wellness facilities. It volition besides diagnostic an interactive quality reserve.

The Ski Village volition beryllium located astatine Neom Peak astatine astir 2,400 metres supra oversea level offering exhilarating snowfall skiing and wintertime and synthetic slopes for the remainder of the year.

Meanwhile Neom Lake, an wholly man-made h2o assemblage built atop a mountain, volition go a hub for watersports, arsenic good arsenic a abstraction for hosting festivals and events against the mountain’s scenic backdrop.

Technology and sustainability: Where robots and humans unrecorded successful harmony

Acting arsenic the main gateway into Trojena, The Vault volition beryllium a folded-vertical colony that connects the carnal and integer worlds.

“Technology and innovation are astatine the bosom of Neom’s offerings, and Trojena is nary exception,” says Williams.

“The Vault volition beryllium a mesmerising futuristic destination wherever people, robotic avatars and holograms tin co-exist, interact and prosecute successful assorted activities and events, bending some the carnal and integer satellite into a one-of-its-kind metaverse."

In summation to being the main portal into Trojena's metaverse, The Vault volition besides connection shops, restaurants, amusement and a nationalist park, with sustainability astatine its core.

The Neom masterplan has been developed with the earthy terrain successful mind, with each gathering works designed to support the earthy features of the region.

On an operational basis, Trojena volition adhere to strict decarbonisation techniques, focusing connected heating and cooling systems, insulation and gathering materials and performance-based gathering vigor codes.

When should you sojourn Trojena?

Trojena’s tourism calendar volition beryllium divided into 4 seasons, each with chiseled offerings and attractions.

The wintertime season, from November to March, volition absorption connected skiing and snowboarding, blistery aerial ballooning and a wintertime manner week.

Adventure play falls betwixt March and May and offers precocious altitude training, paragliding, climbing and an ironman athletics situation for those that dare.

Lake season, from May to September, volition beryllium for civilization lovers with music, creation and nutrient festivals, portion wellness play volition see a yoga retreat and a big of wellbeing focused events.

“Trojena volition service arsenic a exemplary for aboriginal Neom human-centric-designed communities, showcasing what active, community-based, cognitive, luxurious and comfy surviving should look like,” says Williams.

“It volition acceptable a caller benchmark for the aboriginal of upland developments and volition beryllium a important destination successful the region.”

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