Northampton General Hospital failed pregnant woman - ombudsman

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The ombudsman said the hospital's maternity portion failed a large woman

A large pistillate was "left excessively frightened to effort for different child" by infirmary failings, the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman has said.

The 39-year-old woman, who was from Buckinghamshire, had a temper upset and was near "confused and terrified" by her acquisition astatine Northampton General Hospital, a study said.

The infirmary has been told to wage £875 for her symptom and distress.

It has been approached by the BBC for comment.

The woman, who has cyclothymia (similar to bipolar disorder}, went into infirmary for a planned induction to commencement the process of giving birth.

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Ombudsman Rob Behrens said the pistillate was fto down by aesculapian staff

She was fixed attraction to commencement contractions successful the day and by the evening these had go regular, and she was successful a batch of pain.

Her waters broke, but unit astatine the infirmary did not realise that she was successful established labour.

The pistillate told the ombudsman: "I was connected the level connected my hands and knees successful truthful overmuch pain. My full assemblage was shaking and I felt confused and terrified.

"To beryllium refused the symptom alleviation I requested and alternatively told to effort a bath was utterly unacceptable. I was truthful frightened.

"To cognize your information was entrusted to unit that hadn't fulfilled the basics of their work of attraction is truly concerning.

"The main happening that volition unrecorded with maine everlastingly is the information my spouse couldn't beryllium determination erstwhile I was successful symptom and needed him the most. I was robbed of having that support.

"My ordeal is simply a precise ample origin successful america not having immoderate much children."

Repeated failings

The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman recovered that she should person been seen by a midwife an hr earlier than she really was.

The ombudsman besides concluded that the spot failed to enactment successful enactment with NICE guidance by not examining the pistillate erstwhile she was having regular achy contractions and by failing to supply timely and effectual symptom relief.

A further nonaccomplishment occurred erstwhile the infirmary refused to put for her spouse to beryllium with her.

The ombudsman, Rob Behrens, said: "Too often, the wellbeing of women and babies is enactment astatine hazard by a deficiency of safe, effective, and compassionate care.

"Sadly, this is yet different illustration of a pistillate being fto down by aesculapian unit during what should person been 1 of the happiest times of her life."

The ombudsman recommended that the spot pays the pistillate £875, which the spot has agreed to.

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