NSW Liberal MP uses parliamentary privilege to accuse party members of corruption

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New South Wales’ anti-corruption watchdog has been asked to analyse corruption allegations – made by a authorities Liberal MP nether parliamentary privilege – against members of the party’s enforcement implicit past year’s daze gutting of a Sydney council.

The Castle Hill MP Ray Williams connected Thursday claimed successful the NSW parliament that elder members of the Liberal enactment were “paid important funds” by a salient spot developer to instal caller councillors connected the Hills Shire assembly to get improvement applications through.

Former Hills Shire politician Michelle Byrne and astir of her enactment colleagues sensationally mislaid their positions connected the Liberal summons up of the 2021 assembly elections.

Williams told parliament that the incoming members had allegedly been installed to greenlight developments from Toplace – owned by high-profile developer Jean Nassif – which, helium alleged, is simply a lawsuit of Liberal powerbroker and lobbyist Christian Ellis.

“Allegations person been raised with maine that elder radical wrong the NSW Liberal party, a subordinate of the Liberal enactment authorities enforcement and erstwhile Hills councillor, were supported financially astatine the clip by a ample developer by the sanction of Jean Nassif,” Williams told the parliament.

“Toplace has 1 of the worst records successful the residential gathering industry. According to media reports, Toplace continues to nutrient faulty apartments with superior gathering defects crossed the Sydney metropolitan area, including successful my electorate of Castle Hill.”

Williams told parliament that, earlier the assembly elections, Nassif had “apparently” met with Ellis and different members of the Liberal enactment who were “paid important funds successful bid to put to enactment caller councillors” astatine the assembly to beryllium “supportive of aboriginal Toplace improvement applications”.

The state’s premier, Dominic Perrottet, has since referred the claims to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (Icac).

“Late past nighttime I was made alert of allegations made by the subordinate for Castle Hill earlier successful the evening and nether parliamentary privilege,” Perrottet said connected Friday.

“I instantly requested proposal from the Department of Premier and Cabinet, which I received this morning.

“The proposal stated that it would beryllium due to bring the matters raised to the attraction of the Icac, which I person present done.”

Nassif has been a developer for astir 3 decades and is down galore of occidental Sydney’s biggest operation projects.

Without naming the person, Williams besides claimed a erstwhile Hills Shire councillor whitethorn person been successful connected the scheme.

“If Christian Ellis, elder members of the Liberal party, a erstwhile councillor and present subordinate of the NSW parliament, received fiscal payment from Jean Nassif of Toplace successful bid to enactment caller councillors connected the Hills Shire assembly who would subsequently beryllium supportive of improvement applications connected behalf of Toplace, past my assemblage has bully crushed to beryllium precise concerned,” helium told parliament.

“This contented indispensable beryllium investigated.”

Williams insisted the probe needed to beryllium conducted extracurricular the enactment “due to the inherent struggle of interest”.

Guardian Australia has contacted Ellis, arsenic good arsenic Nassif, Toplace and Preston, for comment.

The absorption leader, Chris Minns, said the allegations were “obviously hugely concerning”.

“I’d impulse the subordinate for Castle Hill to instrumentality his concerns to the Icac if there’s immoderate proposition astatine each nether immoderate circumstances that idiosyncratic has acted corruptly oregon has cognition of corrupt activity.”

Announcing her resignation from the assembly past year, Byrne – who had been backed by the centre close – expressed her concerns.

“I don’t hold with the process that has taken spot wrong the Liberal enactment oregon however we got here,” Byrne wrote successful her statement.

“There are galore questions that stay unanswered that request to beryllium answered. I person nary uncertainty that what has happened successful the Hills volition proceed to beryllium scrutinised and truthful it should be.”

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