OK boomer: the generational change that could shake up Victorian politics

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Much has been made astir voters shifting distant from the large parties and towards independents and Greens candidates.

But a batch of the investigation from this year’s national predetermination didn’t see 1 important aspect: it was the archetypal successful which babe boomers were outnumbered by Millennial and Gen Z voters.

According to the 2021 census, Millennials, aged 25-39, are cervix and cervix with the babe boomers arsenic the largest generational radical successful Australia, each representing astir 21% of the Australian population. A further 18% of the colonisation are members of procreation Z (10-24 years old).

This is simply a important voting bloc who person travel of property astatine a clip of economical uncertainty – either the planetary fiscal situation oregon the Covid pandemic – increasing inequality and an summation successful utmost upwind events, including bushfires and floods.

Many of them rent, with homeownership mostly retired of scope for those without household wealthiness owed to steep rises of spot prices, portion wages stay stagnant. There’s besides rising surviving costs, which renders consuming the regular recommended rootlike and effect intake a luxury.

This is simply a demographic that is being intimately watched successful Victoria arsenic the authorities heads to the polls successful November.

The Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, volition accidental he’s got acold excessively overmuch to bash than walk clip analysing what the national effect means for the upcoming authorities canvass – his accustomed refrain is that elections are “always close” with a “handful of votes and a fistful of seats” determining the outcome.

But he’s spent years courting the Millennial and Gen Z vote, mostly by bypassing the media and communicating with them straight via societal media. Andrews has adjacent posted a Drake meme connected Facebook past told reporters helium didn’t cognize of the Canadian rapper’s songs.

Most of his government’s caller announcements look to beryllium geared towards this cohort, including the instauration of an affirmative consent model, a landmark festival to observe LGBTIQ+ Victorians, a two-year proceedings of paid sick permission for casuals and escaped kinder.

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Labor faces stiff contention though from the Greens, which earlier this week, the enactment announced a program to summation the powerfulness of renters crossed the authorities and guarantee they person entree to semipermanent unafraid and affordable housing.

The program involves respective initiatives, including capping rent increases successful enactment with wage growth, establishing a lodging ombudsman and amended regulating property agents.

The Greens person besides vowed to extremity caller ember and state projects successful the authorities and determination to 100% renewable vigor by 2030, physique much societal housing, summation backing for the corruption watchdog and prohibition governmental donations from spot developers, fossil substance companies and gambling – each akin policies to ones that helped the teals and Greens expanse the national election.

They’re besides looking to treble representation by winning Albert Park, Northcote and Richmond successful the little location and the confederate metropolitan portion successful the precocious house.

Climate 200, which provided important backing for the national teals, past period polled Victorian voters and found imaginable enactment for akin independents successful the Liberal-held seats of Brighton, Caulfield, Kew and Sandringham, and the Labor spot of Hawthorn.

Independent candidates are besides expected to basal successful Benambra and the south-west coast, some held by the Liberals, and respective Labor seats including Melton and Werribee. There is besides a ample field of micro-parties contesting precocious house.

The Coalition, meanwhile, announced past period it volition legislate an emanation simplification people of 50% by 2030 arsenic good arsenic a pathway to nett zero by 2050, bringing it successful enactment with Labor, successful a determination designed to unafraid enactment successful inner-urban electorates.

But its pledges to enactment LGBTIQ+ Victorians were affected by the Liberals’ preselection of Moira Deeming arsenic an precocious location candidate. The opposition’s integrity argumentation besides came spectacularly undone by revelations person Matthew Guy’s erstwhile main of unit sought funds inappropriately.

Labor has besides endured respective scandals since coming into office.

Whether their argumentation pledges volition beryllium seen arsenic cynical attempts to halt young radical abandoning large parties successful November remains to beryllium seen.

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