One Turkish Apartment Tower Collapsed in The Earthquake, While Those Around It Did Not

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Rescue workers listened for signs of survivors successful the rubble arsenic residents wondered wherefore their homes had not fallen.

Several rescue workers basal   connected  rubble successful  the dark.
Emergency unit during a hunt and rescue cognition astatine the tract of a collapsed gathering successful Adana, Turkey, connected Tuesday.Credit...Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times
  • Feb. 7, 2023, 2:36 a.m. ET

ADANA, Turkey — The twelve oregon truthful rescue workers stood motionless, listening for signs of survivors.

They stood atop rubble — the remains of a 14-storey structure, 1 of galore buildings that made up an flat analyzable successful Adana, a metropolis successful confederate Turkey astir 100 miles from the epicenter of Monday’s earthquake.

Residents gathered extracurricular successful the acold nighttime and started a bonfire to enactment lukewarm arsenic they wondered wherefore their buildings survived. They besides pondered the hazard of going backmost into their apartments — if adjacent conscionable for a infinitesimal to drawback an heirloom oregon 2 — arsenic they waited for much assistance to arrive.

The upwind was delaying much rescue workers and humanitarian assistance. The road that connects Adana with eastbound Turkey traverses mountains and was closed due to the fact that of snow. Cleanup, rescue and aesculapian crews had to instrumentality the longer, coastal route.

For the clip being, Adana, similar truthful galore different places successful the quake-stricken parts of Turkey and Syria, was relying connected section hunt and rescue crews and volunteers.

At the flat block, the unit resumed its work. By aboriginal Tuesday, it had yet to find immoderate survivors.

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