‘Pain has turned to anger’: Greek rail workers strike over conditions after deadly crash

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Cranes region   debris aft  a collision successful  Tempe, astir  376 kilometres (235 miles) northbound  of Athens, adjacent   Larissa city

Cranes region debris aft a collision successful Tempe, astir 376 kilometres (235 miles) northbound of Athens, adjacent Larissa city   -  Copyright  AP Photo

Greek obstruction workers are striking arsenic choler grows implicit a deadly obstruction clang that killed 43 radical connected Wednesday.

The head-on-crash - which saw a rider bid and freight bearer collide connected Greece's busiest enactment betwixt Athens and Thessaloniki - has sent Greece into a play of nationalist mourning.

More than 50 radical remained hospitalised, astir successful the cardinal Greek metropolis of Larissa. Several are successful a superior condition.

But arsenic the particulate settles from the tragedy, Greek citizens are demanding answers.

"Pain has turned into choler for the dozens of dormant and wounded colleagues and chap citizens," the obstruction workers' national said successful a statement.

Why are Greek obstruction workers striking?

Railway workers' associations crossed the state called strikes, halting nationalist obstruction services and the subway successful Athens, to protestation moving conditions and what they described arsenic a deficiency of modernisation of the Greek obstruction system.

The railway workers onslaught began astatine 6am, and volition past the full day. National obstruction services and the Athenian subway volition beryllium impacted.

The authorities blamed the clang connected a “tragic human error.” A stationmaster arrested pursuing the obstruction catastrophe is owed to look successful tribunal Thursday.

But obstruction unions blamed systemic problems successful the obstruction system.

Transport Minister Kostas Karamanlis resigned pursuing the crash, his replacement tasked with mounting up an autarkic enquiry looking into the causes of the accident.

"Responsibility volition beryllium assigned," Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said successful a televised code precocious Wednesday aft visiting the country of the collision. "We volition enactment truthful that the words 'never again' ... volition not stay an bare pledge. That I committedness you."

A judicial enquiry volition effort to found wherefore the 2 trains traveling successful other directions were connected the aforesaid track.

More than 300 radical were connected committee the train, galore of them students returning from a vacation play and yearly Carnival celebrations astir Greece.

How has the planetary assemblage reacted?

As Greece reeled from its deadliest ever train disaster, Pope Francis and European leaders sent messages of sympathy. Among them were the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, whose state is recovering from devastating earthquakes past month.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy sent a connection successful Greek, penning "The radical of Ukraine stock the symptom of the families of the victims. We privation a speedy betterment to each the injured."

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