Partition: My journey to the ‘place no-one spoke of’

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By Kavita Puri
BBC News

Sparsh Ahuja holding his 3  pebblesImage source, BBC/Kavita Puri

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Sparsh holds his 3 pebbles

Seventy-five years agone Sparsh Ahuja's household was 1 of millions to fly their homes arsenic British India divided into 2 caller nations, India and Pakistan. His gramps ne'er spoke of the spot helium fled arsenic a young lad - until his grandson encouraged him to unfastened up. It would pb to 2 families - separated by religion, a borderline and galore decades - reconnecting erstwhile again.

Sparsh cradles 3 grey pebbles successful his palm. They are precious to him - his lone carnal nexus to the onshore wherever his ancestors erstwhile lived.

His travel to the stones began 5 years ago, erstwhile helium was successful India visiting his grandfather, Ishar Das Arora. Sparsh noticed the aged antheral would jot down notes successful Urdu. But Urdu was the authoritative connection of Pakistan. He knew his gramps had originated from what became Pakistan, but small more. No-one successful the household spoke of that time, says Sparsh.

"Even connected the TV, oregon if we were playing a committee game, and thing astir Pakistan came up, it was conscionable a hush successful the family."

Sparsh was curious. One evening, implicit a crippled of chess, helium began asking his gramps astir his puerility and that spot no-one spoke of.

"He was truly hesitant," Sparsh recalls. "The archetypal mates of times helium was like, 'This isn't important. Why bash you care?'"

But gradually, helium opened up, blessed that idiosyncratic was showing an interest. Sparsh asked if helium could grounds his household communicative - Ishar agreed. "He told my grandma to find his champion suit and tie. And helium got each dressed up."

Wearing a astute achromatic shirt, his hairsbreadth neatly combed, Ishar broke that "hush" astir their household history.

Sparsh is successful his mid-20s. He is thoughtful, chooses his words carefully, and has a gentleness astir him. The speech that time with his gramps changed his life.

I conscionable him astatine his location successful Brick Lane, eastbound London. He explains however his gramps had told him that helium was calved successful Bela successful 1940, a Muslim bulk village, adjacent Jand successful Punjab. His grandfather's parents ran a tiny store connected the broadside of the roadworthy selling peanuts. It was a peaceful clip successful undivided British India.

But, astir the clip of partition, erstwhile Ishar was seven, determination were raids connected the village.

  • In 1947 British India was divided on spiritual lines - into Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority West Pakistan and East Pakistan (later Bangladesh)
  • It sparked the largest migration successful past extracurricular warfare and famine - astir 10-12 cardinal radical fled connected some sides
  • About a cardinal radical were killed successful violence

Ishar and his household - who were Hindu - were taken to the location of the colony chief, a Muslim antheral who gave them protection. When a mob brandishing pistols came knocking connected the doorway looking for Hindus, the colony caput refused to let them in. Ishar's overriding representation was fear. He does not retrieve their consequent migration to Delhi, wherever helium inactive lives today.

Hearing this communicative successful afloat - of a puerility successful Pakistan, his Hindu gramps being saved by a Muslim man, and the migration crossed a caller borderline to India, changed thing successful Sparsh. He felt it was the archetypal clip helium got to cognize his gramps properly.

But it besides acceptable him connected a mission. "I conscionable knew consecutive distant that I had to spell backmost to that village. I conscionable didn't consciousness similar our household communicative could beryllium implicit unless 1 of america went backmost and saw the spot again."

Image source, Sparsh Ahuja

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Ishar and Sparsh

Sparsh past told his gramps helium wanted to spell to Bela. Ishar responded: "No, it's not safe. conscionable enactment here. What's near there?"

But Sparsh wasn't deterred. If anything, helium was adjacent much intrigued. Because portion Ishar was palpably frightened of his grandson returning, Sparsh noticed thing funny - his gramps inactive called Bela "home".

Sparsh began making preparations to question to Pakistan. "There's a portion of maine there. Because I've grown up successful truthful galore antithetic countries present - calved successful India, raised successful Australia, and assemblage and enactment successful Britain, I don't truly consciousness similar determination is 1 spot I tin say, 'This is wherever I americium from.' So I felt similar determination was conscionable a missing portion of that puzzle I needed to see."

In March 2021, Sparsh was successful Islamabad, Pakistan's capital. On the greeting of the travel to his ancestral home, much than 100km (60 miles) away, helium got up early. He wore a accepted bluish salwar kameez and enactment connected a achromatic turban, coiled successful a peculiar way. He had seen a representation of Ishar's begetter - his great-grandfather - and wanted to spell backmost to his colony looking similar him. He got into a taxi with 2 friends, and they acceptable off. Sitting successful the backmost seat, Sparsh was clutching a representation fixed to him by his grandfather, sketched from aged memories.

"My gramps drew a mosque, a stream and a elevation they called the 'echoing hill'. They utilized to spell determination and shriek their name. And evidently the elevation would echo back. That's not precise useful. You can't enactment that connected Google Maps," Sparsh laughs, remembering. "And that was astir it."

Sparsh was quiescent connected the agelong journey, mislaid successful his thoughts. "What I was frightened the astir of was determination being thing there. I would person been truly devastated."

Gradually, the scenery grew much mountainous, the roads became uneven, the world turned to reddish clay, conscionable arsenic Ishar had described. And then, retired of the window, helium saw radical selling peanuts connected the broadside of the road, conscionable arsenic his great-grandparents erstwhile did. He felt arsenic though they indispensable beryllium close.

They arrived successful a picturesque greenish valley, with a flowing river. There were effect trees, cows roaming and mud huts. A motion read: Bela.

Sparsh got retired of the car and, successful his champion Punjabi, spoke to an aged lady, explaining wherefore helium was there. "She was like, 'Oh, I don't cognize thing astir that. But the colony head, helium mightiness beryllium capable to usher you.'"

As they drove into the village, much locals appeared. They were staring astatine Sparsh, "They were like, 'Why is this random car showing up?' And the happening is, it dispersed truly quickly. The colony was divided into 3 parts. By the clip I arrived successful the 3rd portion they already knew immoderate random feline was driving around. People were conscionable calling each different up."

Image source, Sparsh Ahuja

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Sparsh successful Bela

Sparsh recovered the colony head. He introduced himself and explained that a antheral from Bela had saved his grandfather's beingness astir 75 years ago.

"He conscionable goes existent quiet. And helium says, 'You are talking astir my father.'"

The colony caput was elderly, helium had been a young lad astatine the clip of partition. He told Sparsh helium remembered his gramps and his family. Overcome with emotion, Sparsh told him: "I wouldn't beryllium present if it wasn't for your father."

Sparsh was taken to the colony head's location to conscionable his lad and grandson. They drank beverage together. Sparsh heard a acquainted communicative of however his household had been protected, but from different position told by the descendants of those who saved them.

Then they said they had thing to amusement Sparsh.

The grandson and great-grandson of the antheral who saved Ishar took Sparsh's hands and walked him done the village. They reached a courtyard. A gathering stood astatine its edge. Then the grandson said to Sparsh: "This was the mosque that your gramps utilized to unrecorded adjacent to." He past pointed to a mud ceramic location and explained however that was the crippled wherever Ishar had lived. Sparsh walked towards the centre of the courtyard and instinctively fell to his knees, putting his caput and some palms to the dusty cracked earth. Eventually, erstwhile helium stood up, the 2 grandsons - 1 Hindu, 1 Muslim - embraced.

Sparsh's dependable breaks arsenic helium remembers that moment. He says it was truly affectional for him and that helium had breached down successful tears. "It was conscionable the value of that moment. I felt similar I had yet made it there. It's not thing I ever expected would beryllium imaginable successful my lifetime, fixed the mode these countries are."

Image source, Sparsh Ahuja

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The stream adjacent to Bela, looking crossed to the "echoing hill"

Before visiting Bela, helium says helium had felt aggravated astir having mislaid something. But, erstwhile helium saw his ancestral land, "a batch of that occurrence died down aft that day."

Sparsh says helium was capable to fto spell of "intergenerational trauma" a small bit.

"Because if you've grown up being told: 'This is wherever we came from and we were ne'er capable to spell back' - that's not the communicative I volition archer my children. It volition be: 'We mislaid this land, but past we went back.' It's similar that loop is present complete."

Before helium near the village, Sparsh took immoderate grey pebbles from wherever his ancestors erstwhile lived, slipping them into his pocket.

That night, backmost successful Islamabad, Sparsh WhatsApped his grandfather. Ishar responded: "I americium arrogant of you. You person touched my motherland, which I could not explicate successful words."

It took 3 generations for this traumatic communicative of partition to beryllium re-written.

The 2 families are present connected connected WhatsApp. They greet each different connected their respective festivals, conscionable arsenic they utilized to erstwhile their ancestors were successful the colony together.

But determination are nary neat endings.

When things get tense politically, Sparsh says, his gramps ceases interaction connected WhatsApp. "He says, 'I don't consciousness similar messaging them present due to the fact that I don't cognize if it's harmless to.'"

And determination are those connected some sides with harder attitudes. Last year, Sparsh called retired a societal media station from 1 of the younger relatives of the colony caput successful Bela, who said the Taliban takeover successful Afghanistan had been a triumph for Islam. Sparsh wrote to him saying: "You know, brother, by seeing your post, I felt truly sad. It was to flight extremism similar this that my nana [grandfather] had to fly the colony successful the archetypal place."

The colony head's household subordinate successful Pakistan apologised saying helium didn't mean to wounded anyone's feelings. "It's complicated," Sparsh says. Further complicated, arsenic immoderate successful Sparsh's household clasp anti-Muslim attitudes and enactment the ruling Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

But determination is simply a speech astatine least.

Image source, Sparsh Ahuja

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Ishar visits his puerility colony done Virtual Reality goggles

The acquisition with his gramps inspired Sparsh and immoderate assemblage friends to spell a measurement further. They acceptable up Project Dastaan - which uses Virtual Reality (VR) exertion to assistance different families successful India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the diaspora revisit places agelong since mislaid to history. Recently, Sparsh enactment a headset connected Ishar and took his gramps connected a virtual circuit oregon Bela - showing him the mosque adjacent his aged home, the onshore wherever his location erstwhile stood and the echoing hill.

Now, astatine the property of 82, Ishar is adjacent reasoning of going backmost to Bela successful person. But arsenic an Indian passport holder, it's hard to transverse the borderline to Pakistan.

Sparsh gave 1 of the precious Bela pebbles to his grandfather, who keeps it beside his bedside table. The different 2 were utilized to marque necklaces - 1 for Ishar, the different for Sparsh, who wears his remnant from different clip each day.

Image source, BBC/Kavita Puri

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Sparsh and Ishar wearing their pebble necklaces

Sparsh wants to manus his necklace down to his aboriginal children to support a small spot of the colony with them.

"As a South Asian, the full thought of your soil, your homeland, is wherever you are from. It's not thing you tin abstracted yourself from. Those pebbles are my ancestors. A spot of my past I tin keep.

"I can't look up my family's histories and archives, truthful they volition person to bash for now. And that is wherefore I privation to marque definite the aboriginal generation, astatine slightest successful my family, has that."

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