Pence documents discovery sparks scrutiny on US classification system – live

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Latest concealed papers find amps up scrutiny of US classification system

Good morning, US authorities blog readers. If you worked successful the White House, it is seemingly hard to permission without taking classified documents with you. That’s the acquisition a fig of lawmakers are drafting from yesterday’s quality that erstwhile vice-president Mike Pence recovered authorities secrets astatine his location successful Indiana. He is present successful the aforesaid nine arsenic Joe Biden and Donald Trump, some of whom were recovered to person the aforesaid benignant of worldly successful their idiosyncratic possession. For Trump and Biden, the substance is seen arsenic a perchance superior ineligible threat, but the find astatine Pence’s residence has been met with incredulity by legislature lawmakers connected some sides of the aisle, respective of whom are present asking if the discoveries whitethorn not beryllium a motion that it’s clip to instrumentality a look astatine however the authorities manages its secrets.

Here’s what other is happening today:

  • Vice-president Kamala Harris volition beryllium successful the Capitol to code the House Democratic caucus, and aboriginal successful the time question to Monterey Park, California to conscionable with families of victims of the wide shooting that occurred there.

  • White House property caput Karine Jean-Pierre volition little reporters astatine 1.30pm eastbound time.

  • A radical of blimpish Republican senators volition speech to the property astir their plans for raising the indebtedness ceiling successful the Capitol astatine 2pm.

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