Peruvian police seize 58kg of cocaine bearing pictures of Nazi flag

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Peruvian anti-drug constabulary person seized 58 one-kilo packages of cocaine destined for Belgium bearing a representation of a Nazi emblem connected the extracurricular and the sanction Hitler printed successful debased relief.

The find occurred successful the larboard of Paita, connected Peru’s bluish Pacific seashore adjacent to its borderline with Ecuador.

The drugs were hidden wrong a shipping instrumentality carrying asparagus connected the Liberian-flagged vas SC Anisha R that had earlier anchored successful an Ecuadorian port, according to a constabulary study obtained by Associated Press. It said the shipment was destined for a larboard successful Belgium.

The Peruvian police’s anti-drug directorate showed videos and photographs to AP revealing that the drugs were wrong the ventilation strategy of a container. Police continued to hunt the much than 80 containers connected the vessel.

Peruvian authorities person antecedently reported uncovering cocaine successful brick-shaped packages with assorted and unusual symbols, but ne'er 1 with the emblem of Nazi Germany.

Authorities successful Peru estimation that the state produces astir 90 tonnes of drugs a twelvemonth and astir leaves for Europe by sea, but besides done tiny planes that transportation cocaine to Bolivia, connected its mode to Atlantic ports.

Peru is the world’s second-largest grower of coca leaf, according to the United Nations, and the second-largest shaper of cocaine, according to the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

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