PlayStation Showcase 2023: Spider-Man 2 impresses, Project Q confuses

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Sony showed a drawstring of games astatine its Playstation Showcase - and determination were immoderate hits, but a fewer misses too

Sony's fixed fans a glimpse of immoderate large upcoming games astatine its archetypal PlayStation Showcase successful good implicit a year.

The livestream is usually reserved for the console-maker's astir important, crowd-pleasing releases.

Hype going into the lawsuit was huge. Big predictions were made - a Bloodborne remake, The Last of Us: Part 3 and a Twisted Metal update among them.

Spoiler: None of these turned retired to beryllium true. And the wide absorption seemed to beryllium "underwhelmed".

There was a deficiency of genuine first-party exclusives, and galore of the PlayStation 5 games connected show were already known about.

But determination were immoderate highlights, arsenic good arsenic the unusual "huh" moment.

Spider-Man 2

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Spider-Man 2 got the biggest slot of the nighttime - with 12 minutes of gameplay footage shown

Save the champion until last? Sony seemed to deliberation truthful - it capped the presumption with 12 minutes of gameplay footage from its sequel to the 2018 PS4 hit.

We saw power control betwixt Peter Parker successful a acheronian Venom suit - boasting caller symbiote powers - and Miles Morales, who got his ain PS5 motorboat game.

The brace were seen swinging done New York successful pursuit of Dr Curt Connors, aka the Lizard, portion trying to debar supervillain Kraven's henchmen.

Fans mostly seemed impressed, excited by the quality to play arsenic some characters and the committedness of a darker communicative crook acknowledgment to the caller achromatic suit.

But the game's beingness was already confirmed, and fans had been hoping for quality of thing caller from a Sony studio.

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Kept you waiting, huh? Solid Snake's little quality confirmed that a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake is coming

Probably the worst-kept concealed of the nighttime - rumours had been swirling that a remake of PlayStation 2 classical Metal Gear Solid 3 was connected the cards.

And erstwhile the little trailer ended with a glimpse of leader Solid Snake it was yet confirmed.

The game, which volition besides beryllium connected Microsoft's Xbox Series X/S consoles, doesn't person a merchandise day yet.

Sony besides announced that the archetypal 3 Metal Gear Solid games volition beryllium released arsenic the Master Collection: Volume 1, aboriginal this year.

There was nary notation of a Metal Gear Solid 4 re-master - long-wished for by fans, but immoderate suggested it mightiness diagnostic successful a measurement two.

Some were acrophobic that bid creator Hideo Kojima, who near developer Konami connected atrocious terms, won't beryllium progressive successful the re-releases.

Project Q

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Another confirmed rumour - and the root of astir memes - was Sony's caller handheld device.

Imagine a DualSense controller chopped successful fractional with an 8in LCD surface sandwiched between, and you've got Project Q.

Sony promised much details successful future, but said it would beryllium susceptible of streaming PS5 games from your console.

You tin already bash this via a telephone oregon tablet and third-party controller attachment, truthful tons were near wondering what's peculiar astir it.

And due to the fact that of its resemblance to Nintendo's Switch and its less-successful Wii U, the "PS U" and "Playstation Switch" jokes came heavy and fast.

Having said that, immoderate radical said they mightiness beryllium funny successful picking 1 up if the terms - yet to beryllium confirmed - was right.

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Alan Wake 2 showed disconnected what appeared to beryllium a caller dual-narrative structure

Alan Wake 2, Phantom Blade Zero, and different Final Fantasy 16 trailer got radical excited. Although the longed-for FF16 demo didn't look arsenic hoped.

And the archetypal look astatine Dragon's Dogma 2 was a invited surprise, arsenic it showed enactment connected the sequel to the 2013 sleeper deed was good nether way.

Fans of indie games were well-served, with follow-ups to Journey and Night successful the Woods connected show, arsenic good arsenic Devolver Digital's The Plucky Squire.

Resident Evil 4 Remake and Synapse connected PSVR2 - arsenic good arsenic a escaped Beat Saber upgrade that launched arsenic the showcase went retired - were besides well-received.

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One of the biggest complaints was the deficiency of existent exclusive titles connected display.

Halo developer Bungie, precocious bought by Sony, announced it was reviving its 1994 franchise Marathon. But the crippled volition look connected different platforms.

And the operation "Not existent gameplay footage" earned its wealth connected the night.

Many of the titles featured successful the showcase - FairGame$, from Haven Studio, and Firewalk Studios' Concord - showed "cinematic" trailers but nary gameplay.

And taking up a chunk of the watercourse with a clip from the upcoming Gran Turismo movie didn't spell down particularly well.

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The summertime is usually the clip for large gaming announcements, and determination are inactive chances for companies to uncover large caller projects.

US writer Geoff Keighley's Summer Games Fest kicks disconnected connected 8 June, and has promised "three oregon four" large reveals.

Microsoft volition person its ain Xbox showcase connected 11 June, and Nintendo usually lays connected 1 of its Direct streams earlier autumn.

So don't expect those rumours to spell distant conscionable yet.

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