Police arrest elderly Alabama woman over unpaid $77 trash bill

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Police successful the US authorities of Alabama person arrested an 82-year-old pistillate implicit an outstanding trash bill.

Martha Louis Menefield said she was confused arsenic officers handcuffed her and arrested her connected Sunday.

The magnitude that led to her apprehension was reportedly $77.80 (£63.28).

In a connection connected Facebook, City of Valley constabulary said they treated Ms Menefield respectfully and that they had notified her respective times that she had not paid the measure for 3 months.

"Ms Menefield was treated respectfully by our officers successful the show of their duties and was released connected a enslaved arsenic prescribed by the violation," said Mike Reynolds, constabulary main for the City of Valley successful Alabama, successful the statement, which has drawn important disapproval online.

"You're not kidding?" she asked the officer. But erstwhile the constabulary explained that helium was so determination to apprehension her implicit an unpaid trash bill, Ms Menefield said, "I was upset due to the fact that I didn't cognize wherefore they would travel and apprehension me."

Once successful handcuffs, 1 of the officers "kind of whispered it to me: 'Don't cry'", she said. She recalled telling an officer: "How would you consciousness if they came and arrested your grandmama?"

Following her arrest, she was taken to the Valley constabulary section and temporarily held earlier she was released connected bond.

"I was successful a small cage-like happening astatine the constabulary station," Ms Menefield told CBS News. "And I said, 'Y'all enactment maine successful this cage? You ought to beryllium ashamed of yourself."

Mr Reynolds did not instantly respond to BBC News' petition for comment.

In his Facebook statement, Mr Reynolds wrote that metropolis officials had attempted to interaction Ms Menefield astir her trash measure aggregate times.

He said that she had received a citation successful August for the unpaid bills, and that the city's codification enforcement section "tried to telephone Ms Menefield respective times and attempted to interaction her successful idiosyncratic astatine her residence."

Officials near a announcement connected her door, Mr Reynolds said, providing interaction accusation and an advisory that she was required to look successful tribunal successful September.

"A warrant for Failure to Pay Trash was issued erstwhile she did not look successful court," Mr Reynolds said, adding that Ms Menefield besides had her trash services suspended 3 times successful the past 2 years.

Ms Menefield told CBS News that she did not cognize the measure successful question had not been paid, and that she had ne'er received a announcement to look successful court.

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