Police investigate US woman’s hair salon ruined by racism after Guardian article

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Police are present re-examining the lawsuit of Angel Pittman, whose dreams of opening a mobile hairsbreadth salon successful North Carolina were ruined by racism.

In effect to the story, published by the Guardian this week, the Rowan region sheriff’s bureau has reached retired to her household “to spot if we could further assistance them”.

Pittman confirmed that the sheriff’s bureau did interaction her and her household and that they seemed “concerned present … They said to marque different report, and they’ll investigate.”

The sheriff’s bureau has besides issued a connection that, successful part, said “in further reappraisal of the deputies report, and assemblage cam footage, Miss Hopes [Pittman’s mother] ne'er reported that immoderate threats had been made to her oregon anyone else”.

Pittman’s household had reported the incidental aft the buses she parked connected spot she conscionable bought were vandalized with slurs, and her neighbour displayed racist signs extracurricular his home, including Ku Klux Klan paraphernalia. Pittman said those signs were not determination erstwhile she visited the onshore before.

The connection acknowledges the vandalism and racist signs but said since the work of the Guardian’s archetypal reporting connected 21 March 21 “we person received galore enquiries from assorted media outlets stating that they person been successful interaction with Angel Pittman, and that she is alleging that threats were made to her and her household by the neighbor. To date, we person nary grounds that Angel Pittman has ever contacted oregon spoken to anyone with our bureau successful notation to this incident.”

When asked astir the sheriff’s claims that she wasn’t the 1 to talk to the officers herself, Pittman said her parents did truthful connected her behalf due to the fact that the day of the incidental she was truthful traumatized by the vandalism, favoritism and an aged achromatic antheral waving his gun that she sat successful 1 of the buses, crying and filming the evidence.

“Personally, I’m frightened of constabulary officers,” said the 21-year-old. “I’ve ne'er adjacent been pulled over. I don’t adjacent cognize what to accidental to constabulary officers, particularly with constabulary brutality and stuff.”

Pittman said she and her household volition not beryllium speaking with the sheriff’s bureau until they get counsel for their information and to guarantee they attack the substance cautiously and with due ineligible attention.

“They’re trying to marque it look similar they cared this full time,” Pittman said. “That we’re the crushed wherefore thing is being done, due to the fact that we didn’t travel up? What bash we person to travel up for? [They] didn’t adjacent bash thing successful the beginning.”

Pittman said if the tables were turned, this would person been antithetic from time one.

“If a achromatic idiosyncratic said that I, being Black, ruined their worldly and wrote each types of brainsick worldly connected their property, I’m beauteous definite I would person been arrested and enactment into custody that day,” she said. “They didn’t bash thing similar that. They didn’t adjacent sound connected anyone’s doorway to fig retired if anyone seen thing – thing similar that. All [the officer] did was speech to us. He didn’t speech to anyone else. And we told him what we were going done and however we felt.”

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