Pop Your Corn in Ghee for Greaseless Buttery Flavor

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It wasn’t that I didn’t like the fluffy maize I had popped successful clarified butter. I conscionable recovered it somewhat disappointing (at slightest until I added salt, but much connected that successful a bit). “It’s due to the fact that you drown your popcorn,” my fellow suggested, shoving different fistful into his mouth. “That’s wherefore you don’t similar this. You’d alternatively drown successful it butter.”

Somewhere connected the internet, I had encountered the assertion that utilizing ghee as a popping lipid would springiness your popcorn a buttery spirit without leaving it soggy oregon greasy, and they weren’t wrong. The popcorn did person an unmistakable buttery flavor...but it was subtle, and I americium not 1 for subtlety. It tasted lightly buttered. Reasonably buttered. Buttered by idiosyncratic who likes, but would not bathe in, the dairy-based fat. It was, and is, my boyfriend’s perfect buttered popcorn.

If, similar my boyfriend, the conception of incredibly crunchy, lightly buttered, but not greasy popcorn appeals to you, I highly urge popping your maize successful ghee oregon clarified food (the 2 are astir identical, with one cardinal difference). And adjacent if you’re an unreasonable food fiend (like me), you’ll astir apt similar it erstwhile you adhd a small salt.

Use a batch of ghee

If you’re going to popular maize successful ghee, beryllium generous with it. Using a batch of the abdominous results successful a popcorn that is precise adjacent to fried, with a crispy texture approaching that of a murphy chip.

There are 2 ways to measurement your ghee: the precise way, and the Cameron Diaz way. The precise mode uses a ration of 1/2-cup of abdominous for each 1/3-cup of unpopped kernels. It seems indecent, but it leaves the popped kernels ultra crispy, but not greasy. The Cameron Diaz mode besides requires a just magnitude of fat, but nary measuring cups are involved. Just melt ghee successful your popping cookware until it comes up “around the curve of the pot,” past adhd popcorn until the abdominous hardly covers the kernels.

However you measured, adjacent you request to screen the cookware and fto the maize pop, without shaking. The kernels volition popular and rise—you whitethorn person to clasp connected to the lid to support it from spilling out. Once you perceive the popping dice down, dump it successful a large vessel and season.

You must play it with salt

Salt doesn’t conscionable marque things sensation salty; it enhances different flavors, particularly butter. Tasting the ghee-popped popcorn without brackish was a existent letdown—I had to squint my lingua to observe the butter—but a fewer pinches of good oversea brackish took attraction of the issue, amplifying the clarified food and giving the popcorn a rich flavor my lingua could observe with ease.

I’m not definite I’ll ever beryllium a wholly reformed popcorn drowner—I similar excavation to beryllium astir saucy—but it’s bully to person a much tenable attack to buttered popcorn successful my backmost pocket. (Certainly I’m not known for being reasonable. Maybe this popcorn volition alteration that.)

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