Precious cheetah cubs die in India national park

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A photograph  of the 4  caller   cheetah cubs calved  successful  IndiaImage source, @byadavbjp/Twitter

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The cubs were the archetypal to beryllium calved successful India successful much than 70 years

By Meryl Sebastian

BBC News

Two cheetah cubs person died and a 3rd is successful a captious information astatine a nationalist parkland successful India's Madhya Pradesh state.

Another cub died successful the nationalist parkland connected Tuesday.

The cubs were the archetypal to beryllium calved successful India in much than 70 years aft the animals were declared officially extinct successful the country.

A pistillate cheetah translocated from Namibia to India past twelvemonth had fixed commencement to them successful March.

Following this, the pistillate cheetah and her 3 cubs were enactment nether observation, authorities astatine the parkland said successful a property note.

Temperature successful the parkland had deed astir 47C connected Tuesday and the cubs did not look to beryllium successful "normal condition," they said.

The cubs were recovered to beryllium weak, underweight and highly dehydrated. Two cubs died connected Thursday contempt steps taken to prevention them, the parkland authorities said.

The past cub of the litter is successful captious information and nether treatment, they said.

Cheetahs were officially declared extinct by the Indian authorities successful 1952. They were reintroduced to the state past twelvemonth arsenic portion of an ambitious reintroduction programme to repopulate the species.

Wildlife experts had welcomed the reintroduction of the carnal but immoderate besides warned of imaginable risks to them from different predators and not having capable prey.

Eight cheetahs were translocated from Namibia to state successful September 2022 portion 12 were brought successful from South Africa successful February 2023.

Of these, 3 cheetahs have died successful the past 2 months. The decease of the 3 cubs takes the toll to six.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court had expressed concerns implicit the carnal deaths and asked the national authorities to see shifting the cats to an alternate location.

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