Prince Harry speaks of ‘suffering’ of women marrying into royal family

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Prince Harry has highlighted the “pain and suffering” of women marrying into the British royal family, successful a caller trailer for the Sussexes’ highly anticipated behind-the-scenes docuseries.

Netflix has promised an “unprecedented and in-depth documentary series” implicit six episodes wherever the mates “share the different broadside of their high-profile emotion story”.

Volume 1 of the bid volition motorboat this Thursday – precisely 3 months aft the decease of Harry’s grandma Queen Elizabeth II – with the 2nd measurement to beryllium released connected 15 December.

A caller one-minute teaser video opens with a voiceover by Harry saying: “It’s truly hard to look backmost connected it present and go: ‘What connected world happened?’”

He continues the narration throughout, saying: “There’s a hierarchy of the family, you know, there’s leaking, but there’s besides planting of stories. It’s a soiled game.”

In a wide motion to his woman and to his precocious mother, Diana, whose representation is seen successful the trailer, Harry adds: “The symptom and suffering of women marrying into this institution, this feeding frenzy. I was terrified, I didn’t privation past to repetition itself. No 1 knows the afloat truth. We cognize the afloat truth.”

Other commentators look successful the trailer, giving a flavour of what to expect, with 1 saying: “It’s astir hatred. It’s astir race,” and different adding: “There was a warfare against Meghan to suit different people’s agendas.”

In a trailer released past week, Harry and Meghan shared antecedently unseen intimate photographs, immoderate showing the duchess seemingly crying, with 1 country showing Harry with his caput tilted backmost arsenic his woman appears to hitch distant tears with some hands.

Buckingham Palace is inactive reeling from the aftermath of the resignation of Lady Susan Hussey, 1 of the precocious Queen’s ladies-in-waiting, aft she questioned the practice of a foundation founder, Ngozi Fulani, astatine a palace reception. The palace and William, her godson, described the comments arsenic “deeply regrettable” and “unacceptable”.

Harry and Meghan announced a multi-year woody done their accumulation limb Archewell to marque TV series, films and children’s shows for Netflix successful September 2020. The determination came aft they decided to “step back” arsenic elder members the royal household and go self-sufficient.

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