Protester who held sign outside London climate trial prosecuted

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A retired societal idiosyncratic who held up a placard astir the rights of jurors extracurricular a proceedings of clime protesters is being prosecuted for contempt of tribunal by the solicitor general, the Guardian tin reveal.

The determination to prosecute Trudi Warner, 68, came arsenic it emerged the constabulary were separately investigating astatine slightest 12 individuals connected suspicion of attempting to pervert the people of justness for holding up akin signs extracurricular a London court.

Warner, who held up a motion extracurricular Inner London crown tribunal earlier this twelvemonth connected the rights of jurors, has been told successful a missive she is to beryllium prosecuted for contempt of tribunal by Michael Tomlinson KC, the solicitor wide – a authorities curate and the Conservative MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole – lawyers confirmed. The lawsuit volition instrumentality spot successful the precocious court.

She protested aft a justice imposed restrictions connected defendants successful a bid of clime trials that prevented them from mentioning clime change, insulation, substance poorness oregon their motivations for taking enactment during their trials. The civilian rights radical Liberty labelled the restrictions “deeply concerning”.

Several individuals who ignored the judge’s restrictions person been jailed for contempt of court. Amy Pritchard and Giovanna Lewis, who were some jailed for 7 weeks aft they ignored the judge’s ruling not to notation clime alteration successful their code to the jury, are appealing against their condemnation for contempt of court.

Warner, who witnessed immoderate of the trials, sat extracurricular Inner London crown tribunal holding a motion that read: “Jurors: you person an implicit close to acquit a suspect according to your conscience.”

She was committed to the Old Bailey for contempt of tribunal proceedings, wherever a precocious tribunal justice referred the lawsuit to Tomlinson, to determine whether to prosecute contempt proceedings oregon complaint her with attempting to pervert the people of justice. He wrote to Warner past Thursday to accidental helium had decided to prosecute her.

A abstracted probe is ongoing into allegations of attempting to pervert the people of justness relating to astatine slightest 12 individuals who stood extracurricular Inner London crown tribunal successful May holding placards. The inquiry, which is being led by the nationalist bid transgression unit, is successful its aboriginal stages.

The 12 person received letters from the Metropolitan police’s specializer nationalist bid portion that state: “You person precocious been identified arsenic taking portion successful an incidental extracurricular the Inner London crown tribunal … whereby you were seated extracurricular of the tribunal and held a placard with the words; ‘The close of juries – to springiness their verdict according to their convictions’, successful a spot wherever some witnesses and jurors attending trials … could not debar seeing them.”

The missive went on: “This whitethorn magnitude to an offence nether the communal instrumentality of attempting to pervert the people of justice.”

Tim Crosland, a lawyer and 1 of the individuals being investigated by the Met, said: “It’s surreal. On the 1 manus it’s terrifying due to the fact that that is the concern successful this state astatine the moment, and connected the different manus I consciousness similar we are revealing thing truthful astir the situation, the utmost repression that is happening successful this state astatine the infinitesimal successful narration to radical holding the authorities to relationship … and the repression that is happening successful courts astir trials for radical exposing the government’s lies and however hopeless the authorities is to forestall a assemblage reaching not blameworthy verdicts successful these clime cases.”

The probe was sparked aft Judge Silas Reid referred 24 individuals to the lawyer wide this summertime aft they protested extracurricular his tribunal successful May. The radical staged a two-day protestation extracurricular Inner London crown tribunal successful May, holding placards that read: “Jurors person an implicit close to acquit a suspect according to their conscience”.

Scotland Yard said: “On Friday, 21 July the Met received an allegation of perverting the people of justness relating to enactment extracurricular of Inner London crown tribunal connected Monday 15 May. An probe is being carried out; nary arrests person been made.”

A spokesperson for the lawyer general’s Office said: “Contempt of tribunal is simply a superior substance and the powerfulness to contented proceedings is utilized sparingly. When investigating imaginable contempt issues, the instrumentality officers measure whether the evidential trial for the circumstantial signifier of contempt is met.

“In this case, the instrumentality officers considered the deliberate enactment of doing thing that interferes oregon creates a existent hazard of interference with the medication of justice, and whether it is successful the nationalist involvement to statesman proceedings for contempt.

“We tin corroborate the solicitor wide has determined to institute proceedings against Trudi Warner successful the nationalist interest, it volition present beryllium a substance for the court.”

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