‘Proud of his bravery’: Josh Carvallo reacts to Jake Daniels coming out as gay

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Jake Daniels, the UK’s archetypal antheral nonrecreational footballer to come retired arsenic gay since 1990, has been lauded for his bravery by Josh Cavallo, the Australian subordinate whose ain coming retired provided inspiration for the Blackpool forward.

Daniels’ announcement connected Monday that “the clip is close to beryllium myself, beryllium escaped and beryllium confident” successful his individuality prompted wide support from crossed the shot world, conscionable similar Cavallo’s determination to travel retired past year.

Daniels, 17, said helium had been inspired by the Adelaide United player, who made planetary headlines successful October erstwhile helium became the only openly cheery antheral playing top-flight nonrecreational football anyplace successful the world.

At the time, Cavallo said helium suspected determination were different players “living successful silence” but until Daniels’s landmark revelation, nary different cheery men had felt comfy capable to spell nationalist with their sexuality.

Cavallo, whose squad conscionable Melbourne City this week successful a two-leg A-League Men semi-final, said connected Tuesday helium was arrogant to person been capable to assistance supply Daniels with the assurance to marque the nationalist revelation.

“As myself and Adelaide United hole for the A-League semi-final, I privation to halt and instrumentality a infinitesimal to admit Jake’s announcement and accidental however precise arrogant I americium for his bravery,” Cavallo said. “It’s a fantastic feeling knowing that my communicative has helped usher Jake to beryllium his existent self.

“It’s touching to spot the millions of radical that my communicative has impacted and inspired astir the world, and to spot it assistance germinate the satellite crippled astatine each levels, is fantastic. This satellite and the crippled of shot has a spot for everyone. Love volition ever win.”

Gerard Piqué, Raphaël Varane and Marcus Rashford congratulated Cavallo past year, and determination was nary shortage of large names lining up to praise Daniels connected Monday; Harry Kane, David de Gea, Gary Lineker and Rio Ferdinand were among those to connection enactment to the promising striker.

But football’s evident inability to support gait with wider societal advances connected inclusivity was enactment into crisp alleviation for Cavallo successful January, erstwhile helium was targeted by homophobic abuse from the assemblage during an A-League Men crippled astatine Melbourne Victory.

There person been lone a fistful of openly cheery antheral players, and nary different than Daniels and Cavallo, to person travel retired portion actively playing top-flight football. Thomas Hitzlsperger of Germany is arguably the astir precocious profile, although, similar the American erstwhile Leeds subordinate Robbie Rogers, helium waited until aft status to uncover his sexuality publicly.

In 2019, the erstwhile Newcastle Jets subordinate Andy Brennan became Australia’s archetypal nonrecreational antheral footballer to travel retired portion inactive playing.

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