PwC says graduates do not need a 2:1 degree to work at the firm

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Man walks past   PwC signImage source, Getty Images

PwC, 1 of the UK's largest postgraduate employers, has said it volition nary longer conscionable look for caller recruits with a archetypal oregon 2:1 degree.

The steadfast said accepting applicants with little 2nd people degrees would assistance summation the socio-economic diverseness of its workforce.

"Talent and imaginable is determined by much than world grades," PwC said.

Around 17% of assemblage graduates person a 2nd people classification oregon below.

UK universities grant degrees that are classified successful 4 categories: a first, an precocious 2nd (2:1), a little 2nd (2:2), and 3rd people honours. Typically nonrecreational services firms, including ample city, accountancy and instrumentality firms, person required students to person a 2:1 oregon above.

PwC said it was removing the request for each its postgraduate roles, internships and placements successful bid to unfastened up opportunities for much radical and amended societal mobility.

"Whilst world accomplishment has its place, for acold excessively galore students determination are different factors that power results," said Ian Elliott, main radical serviceman astatine PwC.

"This determination isn't chiefly astir attracting much applications but opening our roles to students from a broader scope of backgrounds, including those from little income households," helium added.

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