Queensland to unveil Indigenous truth-telling inquiry as part of path to treaty

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The Queensland authorities is acceptable to uncover a three-year Indigenous truth-telling enquiry volition instrumentality spot arsenic the authorities lays down much item astir its way towards a pact with First Nations people.

Queensland’s premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, volition connected Tuesday judge each 22 recommendations of a committee study into pact advancement.

The authorities volition walk $10m per twelvemonth for the duration of the pact process, which the premier described arsenic a “leap” towards reconciliation.

“What we bash adjacent connected the way to pact volition specify our humanity, our consciousness of fairness, and the bequest we permission our children,” Palaszczuk said.

“We can’t alteration the past, but unneurotic we tin make a caller aboriginal for our state.”

The pact volition beryllium a signed and negotiated statement betwixt First Nations peoples and the Queensland government.

The authorities has said it is unfastened to signing a azygous treaty, oregon idiosyncratic treaties with antithetic Indigenous groups.

An autarkic First Nations Treaty Institute volition beryllium established successful authorities and person work for processing a treaty-making model for statement with government.

A three-year ceremonial truth-telling enquiry volition besides beryllium acceptable up to item injustices faced by First Nations people.

Until then, an autarkic interim assemblage consisting of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders arsenic good arsenic non-Indigenous representatives volition pb section truth-telling initiatives astatine nationalist libraries, museums, archives and creation galleries to beforehand a shared knowing of the state’s history.

The state’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partnerships minister, Craig Crawford, said a Path to Treaty Office would besides beryllium established wrong the authorities authorities to guarantee authorities “is acceptable to travel to the negotiating table”.

“We request to marque important changes to however we enactment with First Nations for this to happen.”

Treaty advancement committee co-chair Dr Jackie Huggins said the way to pact volition centre connected “how we mend the precise cloth of our society”.

“It is important to recognize what a pact was, and wherefore now,” she said.

“We privation each Queenslanders to locomotion broadside by broadside with america connected the way to treaty, truthful that we tin flooded those immense injustices that still, unfortunately, persist successful our society.

“It’s astir having those precise respectful conversations that we request to have.”

The announcement comes aft Victoria and the ACT signed their ain treaties with First Nations people, with the Northern Territory besides successful an precocious signifier of its ain pact process.

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