R Kelly to serve additional one year in prison after conviction on federal charges

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R Kelly volition service an further 1 twelvemonth successful situation connected charges relating to indecent images of children and kid enticement aft completing his 30-year racketeering sentence, a national justice has ruled.

The disgraced R&B vocalist was handed a 20-year situation word connected Thursday, but helium volition service astir each of the condemnation simultaneously alongside the condemnation helium received successful 2022.

Kelly volition service nary much than 31 years, which means helium volition beryllium eligible for merchandise astatine astir property 80.

The cardinal question going into the sentencing successful Kelly's hometown of Chicago, US, was whether District Judge Harry Leinenweber would bid the 56-year-old to service the further condemnation simultaneously with oregon lone aft helium completes 30 years.

The second would person been adjacent to a beingness sentence.

Prosecutors had acknowledged that lengthening his condemnation would person erased immoderate accidental of Kelly getting retired of situation alive, but argued that his crimes against children and deficiency of remorse justified it.

Two of Kelly's accusers besides asked the justice to punish him harshly.

In a connection work aloud successful court, a pistillate who testified nether the pseudonym "Jane" said she had mislaid her aboriginal aspirations to go a vocalist herself and her hopes for fulfilling relationships.

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