Rare genetic mutation allows British woman, 75, to feel no pain

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Scientists person uncovered however a uncommon familial mutation successful a British pistillate allows her to unrecorded an astir pain-free beingness and ne'er consciousness anxious oregon afraid.

Experts from University College London (UCL) person discovered however mutations successful the FAAH-OUT cistron enactment astatine the molecular level, enabling Jo Cameron to not acquisition pain.

The aforesaid biologic mechanisms are besides believed to let wounds to heal much rapidly.

Researchers said the findings, published successful the diary Brain, unfastened up doors for caller drugs probe successful the fields of symptom absorption and coiled healing.

Professor James Cox, of UCL Medicine, said: "By knowing precisely what is happening astatine a molecular level, we tin commencement to recognize the biology progressive and that opens up possibilities for cause find that could 1 time person far-reaching affirmative impacts for patients."

Ms Cameron, 75, who lives adjacent Loch Ness successful the Scottish Highlands, made headlines successful 2019 erstwhile UCL scientists announced that mutations successful the antecedently chartless FAAH-OUT cistron made her consciousness nary pain, accent oregon fear.

She recovered retired astir the information erstwhile she was 65 and sought attraction for an contented with her hip, which turned retired to impact terrible associated degeneration though she had experienced nary discomfort.

She had country connected her manus astatine Raigmore Hospital successful Inverness months aboriginal and reported nary symptom afterwards, though the attraction is usually precise painful.

Building connected that work, the researchers recovered that FAAH-OUT mutation "turns down" the look of the FAAH gene, which is associated with pain, mood, and memory.

The squad discovered enzyme enactment levels successful the FAAH cistron to beryllium importantly reduced successful Ms Cameron's case.

They besides analysed insubstantial samples to survey the effects of FAAH cistron mutations connected different molecular pathways and recovered accrued enactment successful different gene, known arsenic WNT16, that has antecedently been linked to bony generation.

Thousands taking antidepressants for symptom contempt insufficient grounds they work

The researchers besides recovered alterations successful 2 different genes, BDNF and ACKR3, which they judge whitethorn lend to Ms Cameron's debased anxiety, fearfulness and painlessness, the researchers said.

Dr Andrei Okorokov, besides of UCL Medicine, a elder writer of the study, said: "The FAAH-OUT cistron is conscionable 1 tiny country of a immense continent, which this survey has begun to map.

"As good arsenic the molecular ground for painlessness, these explorations person identified molecular pathways affecting coiled healing and mood, each influenced by the FAAH-OUT mutation.

"As scientists it is our work to research and I deliberation these findings volition person important implications for areas of probe specified arsenic coiled healing, slump and more."

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