Raz Hershko gives Israel a triumphant conclusion to Tel Aviv Grand Slam

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The medallists successful  the +78 kg class  astatine  the Tel Aviv Grand Slam

The medallists successful the +78 kg class astatine the Tel Aviv Grand Slam   -  Copyright  International Judo Federation (IJF)

The beauteous metropolis of Tel Aviv played big to the last time of an astonishing Grand Slam arsenic the prima acceptable connected different palmy Judo contention present successful Israel.

It was clip for immoderate razzle and dazzle astatine +78kg, arsenic Raz Hershko enactment connected a amusement successful the preliminaries earlier defeating Turkey's Kayra Sayit successful the final.

Having ne'er taken golden earlier connected location soil, contiguous was her day! And the assemblage got precisely what they came for, a aureate decorativeness to a 3-day feast of judo. There were fantastic scenes arsenic Hershko celebrated with the adjacent procreation of Israeli judoka.

IJF Ambassador Lior Raz was connected manus to contiguous her with the golden medal.

“A-A-Mazing! WOW!," she said afterwards. "It’s amazing, I love, I emotion to vie astatine home, with each this astonishing assemblage it’s crazy. From the opening until the end, they are shouting, they prime you up and it’s fantastic”

Gviniashvili continues to dominate

At -90kg friends and rivals Beka Gviniashvili from Georgia and Krisztian Toth from Hungary hugged pre-match, earlier the Georgian continued to predominate their rivalry, taking golden successful emphatic fashion, earlier they erstwhile again showed their respect for each different astatine the extremity of the contest.

IJF impermanent Mr Moris Janashvili was connected manus to grant the medals.

At -78kg satellite maestro Alice Bellandi of Italy claimed golden erstwhile again, with a triumph implicit Madeleine Malonga of France to instrumentality her 4th World Judo Tour golden medal successful conscionable a fewer months! She is truly dominating her caller value category.

She was awarded her medals by IJF Head Sport Director Vladimir Barta.

At -100kg Azerbaijan's Zelym Kotsoiev took connected past week’s Paris Grand Slam champion Michael Korrel from the Netherlands and overcame him with this superb portion of judo.

He was awarded his medal by IJF Events Director Dr Lisa Allan.

“I emotion warring present successful Israel," helium said afterwards. "It’s an awesome atmosphere, with truthful galore children cheering. The radical present emotion Judo a lot, it’s truly energising”.

Tsetsentsengel's heavyweight triumph

At +100kg Mongolia’s Odkhuu Tsetsentsengel took his tally of expansive slam golds to 3 with a hard-fought triumph implicit Azerbaijan’s Ushangi Kokauri.

The medals were awarded by IJF Head Referee Director Florin Daniel Lascau.

The location assemblage had a time to retrieve and went chaotic for their heroes from commencement to finish. After 1 of the champion contests of the day, Peter Paltchik had them connected their feet, and adjacent though helium ended the time without a medal, helium epitomizes the vigor and excitement astir the aboriginal of Israeli Judo, and however agleam the judo stars radiance here.

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