Remnants of Hurricane Lee Will Bring Heavy Rain to the U.K.

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Europe|Remnants of Hurricane Lee Will Bring Heavy Rain to the U.K.

Days aft the tempest made landfall successful Canada, its remains are expected to bring rainfall and upwind to parts of Britain that conscionable experienced a vigor wave.

 A radar-style representation  shows rainfall  moving implicit    Britain and Ireland.
Rain moves done Britain and Ireland connected Monday.Credit...Met Office

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Sept. 18, 2023, 12:33 p.m. ET

After the almighty tempest erstwhile known arsenic Hurricane Lee traveled 3,000 miles crossed the Atlantic toward New England and Canada, wherever it made landfall connected Saturday, the storm’s remnants person 1 much travel to make: to the coasts of Britain and Ireland.

The tempest strategy volition assistance usher successful accepted autumn upwind crossed Britain this week with cool, wind-swept rains connected Tuesday and Wednesday.

The rains volition beryllium heaviest and astir persistent crossed parts of Wales and northwest England, according to the Met Office, Britain’s nationalist upwind service. Some flooding is imaginable successful those areas.

The rainfall is going to autumn successful areas that are utilized to bedewed weather, Alex Deakin, a Met Office meteorologist, said, but due to the fact that tropical aerial is mixed into this storm, it volition beryllium much moist than usual. “It’s much laden, and truthful it’s much rainfall than you get successful a accustomed low-pressure system,” helium said.

Mr. Deakin said the tempest was pursuing an “unheard-of” vigor spell successful Britain, wherever temperatures were above 86 degrees Fahrenheit, oregon 30 degrees Celsius, for 7 consecutive days ending connected Sept. 10. “Off the backmost of that, it’s been rather a switch,” helium said.

The Atlantic-dominated upwind signifier is not unheard-of crossed Britain and Ireland.

In October 2017, the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia bore down connected Britain and Ireland, wherever three people were killed by falling trees.

An October 1987 upwind lawsuit known arsenic the “Great Storm” brought hurricane-force winds to parts of Britain, with immoderate gusts reaching 100 miles per hour. Eighteen radical were killed successful the storm, according to the Met Office. Thousands of homes were near without powerfulness for much than 24 hours and astir 15 cardinal trees were felled.

In the mid-latitudes, tempest systems typically determination eastbound successful an country known arsenic the westerlies. A hurricane volition signifier successful the tropics, wherever the h2o is lukewarm capable to springiness vigor to a tropical strategy and wherever the steering currents are predominantly toward the west. When a hurricane turns toward the north, it volition inevitably get caught up successful the westerlies. This means it volition caput eastbound toward Europe.

However, erstwhile a tempest such arsenic Lee moves implicit the colder waters of the North Atlantic, it nary longer has the substance it needs from the ocean. For the tempest to support strength, it has to modulation into a emblematic upwind system, which gets its vigor from acold aerial masses and lukewarm aerial masses colliding. Sometimes, these storms are beardown capable to enactment hurricane-force winds, arsenic Lee did arsenic it made landfall successful Canada this past weekend. The tempest has since weakened and arsenic it leaves Canada down connected Monday, it volition marque haste, approaching Ireland and Britain connected Tuesday.

Lee isn’t the lone tempest that could person a prevailing effect connected the upwind crossed Ireland and Britain this week. Hurricane Nigel, which is successful the Central Atlantic, appears to person a way that volition bring it adjacent aboriginal successful the week.

Mr. Deakin of the Met Office said that Nigel was “still rather lively and perchance going to bring america different wet, windy spell astatine the weekend.”

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