Reuters revealed how Trump administration left indelible mark on U.S. immigration courts

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08 March 2021, 3:12 pm. 1 minute

On a rainy September time successful 2018, Jeff Sessions, past U.S. lawyer general, addressed 1 of the largest classes of recently hired migration judges successful American history. “The immense bulk of asylum claims are not valid,” helium said during a swearing-in ceremonial successful Falls Church, Virginia, according to his prepared remarks. If judges bash their job, helium said, “the fig of amerciable aliens and the fig of baseless claims volition fall.” It was a wide connection to the incoming class: Most of the immigrants who look successful tribunal bash not merit to stay successful the United States. In a Special Report, Reuters revealed how arsenic U.S. President Joe Biden works to undo galore of the restrictive migration policies enacted by erstwhile President Donald Trump, helium volition face 1 of his predecessor’s indelible legacies: the legion of migration judges Trump’s medication hired. 

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