Rise in young women vaping daily in the UK

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Young women vaping has tripled successful the past twelvemonth according to caller figures

More young women successful the UK are vaping daily, a survey from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) suggests.

The proportionality of women aged 16 to 24 who said they were doing it accrued from 1.9% successful 2021 to 6.7% successful 2022, representing an estimated emergence from astir 62,000 to 225,000 crossed the UK.

Use was precocious crossed this property radical arsenic a full - much than 1 successful 10 said they were regular oregon occasional users successful 2022.

The fig of radical smoking cigarettes continues to fall.

Vaping and smoking is amerciable for under-18s, with children's doctors calling for a implicit ban connected popular, brightly-coloured, flavoured disposable vapes successful particular.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak precocious said it was "ridiculous" that vapes were designed and promoted to entreaty to children erstwhile they were expected to beryllium utilized by adults giving up smoking.

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Disposable vapes are a interest for environmentalists

There is interest implicit however overmuch harm they tin bash to processing lungs, portion they are besides atrocious for the situation owed to being non-recyclable.

Deborah Arnott, main enforcement of foundation Action connected Smoking and Health (ASH), said the information shows "a worrying maturation successful vaping among teens and young adults".

She added: "The Government's effect to the consultation connected younker vaping owed imminently indispensable incorporate factual measures to prohibit child-friendly branding, and enactment products retired of show and retired of scope successful shops, arsenic good arsenic overmuch stricter regulation, including a taxation connected the pouch money-priced disposable vapes astir fashionable with children."

Fewer smokers

The ONS utilized information from its Opinions and Lifestyle Survey, a canvass of 16,300 radical implicit the property of 16 successful Britain, arsenic good arsenic numbers from an Annual Population Survey that involves 320,000 adults.

The proportionality of radical utilizing vapes was highest among existent cigaret smokers (27.1%) and erstwhile smokers (16.5%).

About 2.4% of radical who had ne'er smoked cigarettes said they utilized vapes each time oregon connected occasion, up from 1.5% successful the past year. Occasional usage successful those who had ne'er smoked jumped from 0.8% to 1.8%.

Out of the UK population, 12.9% of radical aged 18 oregon over, oregon 6.4 cardinal people, smoked cigarettes successful 2022.

The ONS estimates this is the lowest proportionality of existent smokers since records began successful 2011.

Broken down into countries, England had the lowest proportionality of existent smokers (12.7%) followed by Scotland (13.9%), Northern Ireland (14%) and Wales (14.1%).

In 2019 the authorities said it wanted to trim the fig of adults smoking successful England to little than 5% by 2030.

James Tucker, information and investigation pb for the societal attraction and wellness part astatine the ONS, said the fig is "consistent with the continuing inclination towards a diminution successful smoking prevalence implicit caller years".

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