Roger Waters: German police investigate Pink Floyd star over Nazi-style costume

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Roger Waters wearing a agelong  achromatic  overcoat with a reddish  armband.Image source, TikTok

Police are investigating erstwhile Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters aft helium wore what appeared to beryllium a Nazi SS azygous during a caller performance successful Germany.

Performing astatine Berlin's Mercedes-Benz Arena connected May 17, Mr Waters was seen wearing a agelong achromatic overcoat with a reddish armband.

He besides aimed an imitation instrumentality weapon into the audience.

Displaying Nazi symbols, flags and uniforms is prohibited successful Germany.

However, its laws bash let exceptions for creator oregon acquisition reasons.

"We are investigating connected suspicion of incitement to nationalist hatred due to the fact that the covering worn connected signifier could beryllium utilized to glorify oregon warrant Nazi rule, thereby disturbing the nationalist peace," said constabulary spokesperson Martin Halweg.

"The covering resembles the covering of an SS officer," helium added.

Mr Waters' overgarment included a reddish armband with 2 achromatic crossed hammers connected a achromatic circle.

Some connected societal media pointed retired that the instrumentalist had worn the aforesaid outfit astatine erstwhile shows.

The symbols are akin to those appearing connected costumes successful the 1982 film, The Wall, based connected the Pink Floyd medium of the aforesaid sanction and starring chap instrumentalist turned activistic Bob Geldof.

In 1 country Mr Geldof plays a stone prima hallucinating that helium is starring a fascist rally.

Police authorities person said that erstwhile the allegations person been reviewed, that the substance volition beryllium passed connected to the nationalist prosecutor, who volition determine however to proceed.

During the Berlin performance, the names of respective deceased radical besides appeared connected a ample screen.

The names included Anne Frank, the Jewish teen who died successful a Nazi attraction campy during World War Two.

Israel's overseas ministry aboriginal criticised the the instrumentalist connected societal media.

"Good greeting to each 1 but Roger Waters who spent the evening successful Berlin (Yes Berlin) desecrating the representation of Anne Frank and the 6 cardinal Jews murdered successful the Holocaust," it tweeted.

Mr Waters has besides floated an inflatable pig marked with the Star of David astatine his concerts.

In caller weeks, the instrumentalist has been travelling to cities astir Germany arsenic portion of his "This Is Not A Drill" tour.

However the performances person been controversial.

Munich and Cologne tried to cancel shows aft Jewish organisations specified arsenic the Central Council of Jews accused him of anti-Semitism.

Mr Waters denies the accusations. In a Facebook station this week helium thanked those who had attended his shows successful Germany.

He besides paid tribute to the White Rose movement, a absorption radical during the Nazi period.

He said: "The information that immoderate successful powerfulness successful Germany and immoderate astatine the behest of the Israeli lobby person attacked me, wrongly accusing maine of being an antisemite, and person tried to cancel my shows saddens me.

"Walking astir Munich yesterday afternoon, I couldn't shingle disconnected the feeling that I was successful the beingness of Big Brother. It leaves a atrocious taste."

He is inactive scheduled to play his last performance successful Germany connected Sunday evening successful Frankfurt.

Demonstrations are planned extracurricular the venue, aft a ineligible effort by the metropolis to halt the show failed.

Mr Waters has made arguable comments successful the past.

After Russia's penetration of Ukraine past year, the instrumentalist penned an unfastened missive to Ukraine's archetypal lady, Olena Zelenska.

In it, helium said, "extreme nationalists" successful Ukraine "have acceptable your state connected the way to this disastrous war".

In February, during a code to the United Nations helium repeated his arguable assertion that Russia's penetration of Ukraine was "provoked".

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