Rosie Molloy Gives Up Everything review – it’s gags galore in Sheridan Smith’s hilarious new comedy

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“She’s similar a shire equine with amended boobs,” says Monica of her boss. You whitethorn cognize a Rosie Molloy. Heavens, you whitethorn beryllium a Rosie Molloy. She is simply a pistillate with the constitution of an ox and an improbably resilient septum, who wafts into the bureau trailing the fragrance of whisky, nods saucily astatine the suit who is, successful effect, her brag with benefits, past settles down to a hard morning’s online searching for decorator bags.

And yet, we are to suppose, this captivating car clang of an anti-role exemplary is bully astatine her occupation and immune to HR disciplinarians, adjacent if taking coke astatine enactment to halt her alcoholic slurring is fundamentally a sackable offence. “But look astatine my cute small face,” Rosie tells her co-workers. “They don’t occurrence radical with beauteous small faces. Plus I accidentally ticked the sex fluid box. Untouchable.” That whitethorn not beryllium true, but you person to respect her toxic moxie. She has conscionable been promoted arsenic a lawsuit manager. I don’t truly cognize what that means, but hopefully thing important similar being a encephalon surgeon oregon chancellor of the exchequer.

Sheridan Smith plays Rosie Molloy arsenic Penelope Keith would play an entitled toff, arsenic if to the mode born, successful a show that whitethorn good transmission Kaley Cuoco arsenic the eponymous Flight Attendant, with alcoholism played for laughs, but could readily crook into a homage to Meryl Streep’s red-eyed rummy from Ironweed.

There’s a country successful a barroom successful which a smug twig of a yoga teacher orders a decaf turmeric soya latte. If you are a smug twig of a yoga teacher, you whitethorn find this practice offensive. And if you are Stevie Martin who plays Mel the yoga teacher, nary offence, you’re conscionable precise bully astatine playing a namaste-ing yoga teacher. Mel invites Rosie to articulation her yoga class. Rosie replies by necking a full vessel of achromatic wine, successful existent time, to a soundtrack of snarling guitars. “I’m good, thanks,” she croaks.

Rosie with her parent  Win (Pauline McLynn).
Teatime dainty … Rosie with her parent Win (Pauline McLynn). Photograph: Tom Jackson/© Hartswood Films ©Sky UK Limited © Tom Jackson

But she isn’t. She is simply a messiness who doesn’t realise it – successful portion due to the fact that she has surrounded herself with enablers. Monica, who is enchanted erstwhile Rosie squeezes her breasts similar old-time car horns, is intelligibly successful emotion with her boss, and is the benignant of underling whose proudest infinitesimal would beryllium being told to clasp her beloved’s hairsbreadth portion she befouled the backmost of a taxi.

And past there’s her bisexual stereotype of a flatmate, Nico. “You’re beauteous and tragic, similar sidesplitting a swan with a pedalo,” helium tells Rosie, portion prancing astir the flat successful a too-short dressing gown, offering her gin and Haribo.

Despite their affirmative reinforcements, Rosie indispensable change. She is successful a shame spiral aft ruining her member Joey’s wedding, which was expected to beryllium adust connected the orders of the bride’s parent Constance, a recovering alcoholic, but which culminated with our heroine snorting coke from a tombstone.

Not that Rosie and Joey’s parents recognize the conception of a adust wedding. “What the feck is that erstwhile it’s home?” asks Pauline McLynn arsenic Win Molloy. “How volition radical fight?” Good point: person you ever been to a bully wedding without a wide brawl? Exactly. “They’ll beryllium banning smoking and shagging successful religion next,” says Ardal O’Hanlon’s Conall Molloy.

While I find Rosie Molloy Gives Up Everything (Sky Comedy) precise comic indeed, with a joke-to-airtime ratio good supra the seasonal norm, there’s 1 happening I find perfectly intolerable. While it’s a dainty to spot Father Ted veterans McLynn and O’Hanlon – she was Mrs Doyle, helium Father Dougal – the casting of O’Hanlon is precise hard to take. He was the dim poppet of a man-baby clergyman successful an Opel-sponsored Ireland shirt, but present has go a near-death acquisition with a bosom occupation brought connected by booze and fags. It’s arsenic if Father Dougal has grown up into Father Jack, the astir dissolute lush connected Craggy Island. Never specified innocence again.

Rosie Molloy Gives Up Everything whitethorn crook retired to beryllium an endorsement of adust January’s cheerlessly fascistic lifestyle, broadcast by ironic schedulers successful the mediate of gorging season, making it rather perchance the astir off-message amusement you volition ticker this winterval. The motivation involvement of the succeeding episodes nary uncertainty volition be: if Rosie gives up everything, volition her beingness beryllium worthy living? My wealth says it won’t. Can’t hold to find out.

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