Royal Mail reveals image of King Charles to be used on stamps

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The representation of King Charles III that volition beryllium utilized connected archetypal and 2nd people stamps has been revealed, with Royal Mail expected to marque them disposable for the nationalist to bargain from 4 April.

The representation depicts the king successful illustration facing to the left, known arsenic a definitive stamp, utilizing an adaptation of the representation to beryllium utilized connected caller UK coins successful a contented dating backmost to the instauration of the Penny Black stamp for Queen Victoria successful 1840.

The continuity besides includes retaining the inheritance colours of the stamps featuring Queen Elizabeth II: plum purple for archetypal class, holly greenish for 2nd class, marine turquoise for ample archetypal people and acheronian conifer greenish for ample 2nd class.

The caller   archetypal  people  stamp featuring King Charles
The caller archetypal people stamp featuring King Charles. Photograph: The Postal Museum

“The guidance we got from His Majesty was much astir continuity and not doing thing excessively antithetic to what had gone before,” said Royal Mail’s manager of outer affairs and policy, David Gold.

“There is nary embellishment astatine all, nary crown, conscionable simply the look of the quality being, connected the plain background, astir saying: ‘This is maine and I’m astatine your service,’ which I deliberation successful this modern property is really alternatively humbling.”

Royal Mail said that successful an effort to “minimise the biology and fiscal impact” of the alteration successful monarch – astir 8bn letters are delivered successful the UK each twelvemonth – retailers volition exhaust their stocks of stamps featuring the precocious queen earlier selling the caller ones.

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The King Charles archetypal  people  stamp
The King Charles archetypal people stamp. Photograph: The Postal Museum

“The King gave precise wide directions – helium didn’t privation thing to beryllium pulped, helium didn’t privation things being shredded, helium didn’t privation banal being thrown away,” said Gold.

Fans of the monarchy and philatelists tin register their involvement from Wednesday, but the caller stamps volition not spell connected merchantability to the wide nationalist until 4 April.

Charles is the seventh monarch to look connected a definitive stamp, sometimes referred to arsenic an “everyday” stamp, which lone diagnostic the monarch’s caput and worth of the stamp connected a plain-coloured background.

“Ever since the Penny Black was issued successful the reign of Queen Victoria, British stamps person carried the representation of the reigning monarch,” Royal Mail’s main executive, Simon Thompson, said.

“Uniquely, British stamps bash not person the state of root printed connected them arsenic the representation of the monarch is sufficient. The definitive stamp has go a recognisable awesome of each reign.”

The representation connected the stamp is simply a “digitally re-lit” mentation of the representation created by the British creator Martin Jennings for the Royal Mint to usage connected the backmost of a caller scope of UK coins.

The Bank of England revealed designs for banknotes featuring the king in December which are planned to participate wide circulation by mid-2024. The king’s representation volition look connected existing designs of each 4 of its polymer slope notes successful circulation – £5, £10, £20 and £50 – portion notes featuring the precocious queen volition proceed to beryllium ineligible tender.

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