Russia-Ukraine War: Abrams Tanks Expected to Arrive in Ukraine Soon, Austin Says

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An American-made Abrams vessel astatine a subject grooming successful Niinisalo, Finland, successful May.Credit...Antti Aimo-Koivisto/Lehtikuva, via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

American-made Abrams conflict tanks volition get successful Ukraine soon, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III said connected Tuesday, yet bringing a almighty caller limb to the battlefield successful a bid to assistance Ukraine beforehand successful its slow-moving counteroffensive against Russia.

Speaking to 50 defence ministers and different apical officials assembled successful Ramstein, Germany, for the 15th gathering of what is known arsenic the Ukraine Defense Contract Group, Mr. Austin besides reiterated that the United States would bid Ukraine’s pilots connected F-16 warplanes, and urged faster accumulation of ammunition that is desperately needed by Kyiv’s forces connected the battlefield.

He repeated British estimates that Russian attacks connected Ukraine’s ports and retention facilities person truthful acold destroyed 280,000 tons of grain, which helium said was capable to provender 10.5 cardinal radical for 1 year.

Ukraine has been eagerly anticipating the accomplishment of the 31 M1 Abrams tanks since the Biden medication agreed successful January to donate them — particularly arsenic Ukraine’s forces begin to penetrate minefields and different obstacles.

The Abrams tanks “will beryllium entering Ukraine soon,” Mr. Austin told the latest gathering of the radical of Ukraine’s allies.

He did not elaborate, though the Pentagon has for months estimated the Abrams would arrive successful Ukraine by the fall. American troops person been grooming Ukrainian crews connected the blase Western warfare machines successful 12-week stints since the spring.

They volition beryllium a much-welcomed but tiny summation to a crushed warfare that truthful acold has chewed up astatine slightest 648 of Ukraine’s tanks — including astatine slightest 17 manufactured successful the West, according to Oryx, a subject investigation site that counts lone losses that it has visually confirmed.

Over the past six months, respective European countries person sent dozens of their German-made Leopard main conflict tanks to Ukraine, and Britain delivered astatine slightest 14 of its Challenger 2 tanks past spring.

Ukraine had antecedently said it needed astatine slightest 300 tanks from its Western benefactors but has truthful acold received lone astir fractional of that, said Col. Markus Reisner, who is intimately monitoring the warfare and oversees unit improvement astatine Austria’s main subject grooming academy.

By comparison, officials person estimated that Russia is manufacturing astir 200 tanks each year.

“That is the problem,” Colonel Reisner said this week. “Either the West delivers oregon it volition beryllium tricky.”

Mr. Austin said allies person truthful acold sent Ukraine astir $76 cardinal successful weapons and different information assistance since the commencement of Russia’s full-fledged penetration of Ukraine successful February 2022. But he, too, urged nations to proceed delivering enactment to Ukraine beyond the existent counteroffensive.

Yet his connection whitethorn neglect to resonate wrong his ain country, arsenic a increasing fig of Republican officials successful the United States person vowed to chopped subject aid to Ukraine if a Republican wins adjacent year’s statesmanlike election.

“Ukraine’s counteroffensive continues to marque steady, guardant progress, and brave Ukrainian troops are breaking done the heavy fortified lines of Russia’s service of aggression,” Mr. Austin said connected Tuesday.

“But Ukraine’s caller gains besides hinge connected the important capabilities provided by the members of this interaction group,” helium said. “And our shared committedness volition beryllium captious during the existent battles, and for the agelong roadworthy ahead.”


Evan Gershkovich, a newsman for The Wall Street Journal, successful tribunal successful Moscow connected Tuesday.Credit...Natalia Kolesnikova/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Evan Gershkovich, an American newsman for The Wall Street Journal whom Russia accuses of espionage, appeared connected Tuesday astatine a proceeding successful a Moscow tribunal to entreaty a ruling that had extended his pretrial detention.

He has been held successful Russia since March. The ruling, successful August, extended his detention by 3 months.

He has been detained successful Moscow’s Lefortovo situation on espionage charges that he, the U.S. authorities and The Journal person vehemently denied. The United States has said helium is wrongfully detained.

Lefortovo jailhouse is infamous for the near-isolation and often harsh conditions imposed connected its inmates. If convicted, Mr. Gershkovich would look up to 20 years successful a Russian penal colony.

In photos from the courtroom, Mr. Gershkovich appeared lasting successful a solid box, wearing a yellowish sweatshirt and jeans.

Mr. Gershkovich met connected Friday with the U.S. ambassador to Russia, Lynne M. Tracy. His household has appealed to satellite leaders and the United Nations for assistance securing his merchandise connected charges that it says are false.

A captive exchange, specified arsenic the 1 that secured the merchandise of Brittney Griner, an American hoops star, precocious past year, would not instrumentality spot until aft a verdict is reached successful the case, Russian officials person said. Ms. Griner was held for astir 10 months connected a cannabis possession charge. The Biden medication is known to beryllium moving to unafraid an aboriginal merchandise for Mr. Gershkovich.


Smoke rising from the tract of an overnight onslaught successful Lviv, connected Tuesday.Credit...Lynsey Addario for The New York Times

Russian forces targeted the occidental Ukrainian metropolis of Lviv aboriginal Tuesday with 18 drones, hitting aggregate warehouses and sidesplitting 1 person, Ukrainian officials said.

Fifteen of the drones were intercepted by aerial defenses successful the onslaught that started astatine 3:40 a.m. section clip and lasted much than 2 hours, Maksym Kozytskyi, the caput of the region’s subject administration, said connected the Telegram messaging app. The drones that evaded the defenses caused fires astatine warehouses that were inactive burning respective hours later, helium said.

The assemblage of 1 worker was recovered successful the rubble of 1 of the warehouses, section officials said. Another idiosyncratic was injured, according to the officials. The warehouses held household chemicals and humanitarian assistance from a Catholic alleviation organization, Lviv’s mayor, Andriy Sadovy, wrote connected Telegram.

Lviv is hundreds of miles from the beforehand lines and has mostly been spared the worst unit of the war, though it has been deed by deadly strikes. But Tuesday’s onslaught connected the city, which is 40 miles from Ukraine’s borderline with Poland, comes amid expanding concerns astir Russian assaults adjacent to the territory of countries that are members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Because NATO members are protected nether the alliance's committedness to communal defense, which considers an onslaught connected 1 subordinate arsenic an onslaught connected all, the adjacent brushes rise the specter of the warfare spilling implicit into a broader conflict.

Earlier this month, Romania said it found connected 3 occasions debris from what could beryllium a Russian drone wrong its borders crossed the Danube River from Ukraine, arsenic Moscow has stepped up attacks connected atom ports successful the Danube delta. On Monday, Bulgaria’s Defense Ministry said debris from a drone that had been carrying explosives was recovered successful a Bulgarian municipality crossed the Black Sea from the Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula.

Neither state has made notation of Article 5 of the NATO treaty, the associated defence pact, implicit the debris.


The vessel, the Resilient Africa, sailing nether the emblem of Palau, leaving the larboard of Chornomorsk, Ukraine, connected Tuesday.Credit...Reuters

A commercialized vessel loaded with wheat near a Ukrainian larboard connected Tuesday, becoming the archetypal vas with cargo to usage a caller Black Sea way retired of the state aimed astatine avoiding Russian naval threats.

The vessel, the Resilient Africa, sailing nether the emblem of Palau, near the larboard of Chornomorsk astatine 6:45 a.m section time, and was heading southwest toward Romanian waters, according to the Marine Traffic website.

The vessel was carrying 3,000 metric tons of wheat and was headed toward the Bosporus, according to Ukraine’s infrastructure minister, Oleksandr Kubrakov, who wrote connected X, formerly called Twitter. A 2nd vessel that arrived astatine the port connected Saturday has yet to acceptable sail.

Russia backed retired of a deal to let Ukraine to usage the Black Sea to vessel grain, a large export, successful July, and said it would presumption immoderate vessels entering Ukrainian ports arsenic imaginable subject threats. Since then, exports from those facilities person stalled, and boats person remained idle. Russia has accrued attacks connected ports, atom facilities and civilian infrastructure on the Black Sea arsenic well.

Under the caller plan, ships would stay wrong Ukrainian waters portion they made the voyage of astir 85 nautical miles to Romanian waters. As a subordinate of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, vessels successful Romania’s waters are overmuch little apt to beryllium attacked.

Ukraine is simply a large shaper of atom and different nutrient crops, but it has been harder to export from the Black Sea since Moscow launched its full-scale penetration 19 months ago. Russia uses the waterway arsenic a hub for its naval fleet. The United Nations and Turkey brokered a woody past twelvemonth that had allowed Ukraine to vessel its atom and different nutrient crops crossed the Black Sea to Turkey.


Harvesting wheat successful Ukraine past year.Credit...Efrem Lukatsky/Associated Press

The World Trade Organization confirmed connected Tuesday that Ukraine had filed a complaint to the planetary commercialized assemblage against Poland, Slovakia and Hungary aft the 3 countries extended bans connected imports of Ukrainian cultivation products, breaking with the European Union’s policy.

Daniel Pruzin, a spokesperson for the W.T.O., said that Ukraine had filed a petition for consultations connected Monday evening, the archetypal measurement successful a quality colony process. Ukraine volition clasp discussions with the 3 countries, but if nary statement is reached wrong 60 days, “Ukraine would past beryllium escaped to petition a quality sheet to regularisation connected its claims,” Mr. Pruzin said.

Ukrainian system curate Yulia Svyrydenko said successful a statement connected Monday that the 3 countries, which are members of the European Union, could not enforce bans unilaterally and that commercialized argumentation is the work of the bloc’s authorities.

Poland, Slovakia and Hungary instituted their bans implicit the weekend, saying they were indispensable to support their ain farmers who had complained that inexpensive atom from Ukraine — 1 of the world’s largest exporters — had undermined their ain markets.


Farmers protestation against the European Commission’s determination to driblet the prohibition connected the import of Ukrainian grain, successful Zahony, Hungary, connected Sunday.Credit...Attila Balazs/EPA, via Shutterstock

After Russia launched its full-scale penetration of Ukraine successful February past year, the E.U. agreed to let Ukraine’s grains into the bloc escaped of tariffs to enactment the country’s system successful wartime and alleviate a planetary nutrient situation prompted by Russia’s naval blockade of Ukrainian ports connected the Black Sea.

But the tariff waiver backfired for Ukraine’s nearest E.U. neighbors, with tons of Ukrainian grain, importantly cheaper than E.U. equivalents, flooding those markets and causing prices successful those nations to plummet.

Hoping to lick the issue, and quell increasing unrest among farmers successful Eastern European nations, the E.U. temporarily banned Ukrainian agriculture imports successful immoderate countries, including Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, though the products were allowed to transit done them. When it lifted the prohibition connected Friday, the 3 countries defied the bloc and said they would proceed to barroom Ukrainian atom from being sold wrong their borders.

Poland and Slovakia are holding wide elections successful coming weeks and farmers successful some countries signifier an important voting bloc. “We volition instrumentality steps to support the involvement of Polish farmers,” Piotr Müller, a spokesperson for the Polish government, said successful a connection precocious Tuesday.

The quality risks threatening the cohesion of the E.U. successful its enactment for Ukraine and of complicating relations betwixt Ukraine and its 3 neighbors, which person been among Kyiv’s strongest wartime backers.

On Tuesday, Janusz Wojciechowski, the E.U. cultivation commissioner and a subordinate of Poland’s ruling party, appeared to beryllium toeing his country’s line, expressing astonishment that Ukraine had criticized the hold of the ban. Mr. Wojciechowski said astatine a quality league successful Brussels that Ukrainian atom exports betwixt May and July 2023, erstwhile the prohibition was successful place, had accrued compared to the aforesaid play past year.

In a statement connected Friday astir the ban’s expiration, the European Commission said it had ended “market distortions” and that Ukraine had agreed to present ineligible measures wrong 30 days to forestall immoderate more.

Ms. Svyrydenko, the Ukrainian system minister, said she hoped the 3 countries would assistance the bans and that “we volition not person to settee the substance successful court.”

Monika Pronczuk contributed reporting


Said Ismahilov, a Muslim cleric, successful Ukraine’s Donetsk region, wherever helium works arsenic portion of a aesculapian unit.Credit...Emile Ducke for The New York Times

An activistic Muslim cleric successful Ukraine with an apprehension warrant implicit his head, Said Ismahilov had nary uncertainty of the information arsenic Russian troops precocious connected the capital, Kyiv, astatine the commencement of the warfare past year.

He was past surviving successful the tranquil Kyiv suburb of Bucha, which laic close successful the way of the advancing Russian vessel columns.

“I had nary illusions,” helium said. “I knew we had to tally distant immediately.”

He recalled that clip recently, during a lull successful his enactment successful a first-aid station adjacent the beforehand enactment successful southeastern Ukraine. Bloody stretchers leaned against the partition astatine the entrance, and soldiers were hunkered down nether the trees. Mr. Ismahilov pointed to the fields successful beforehand wherever helium said farmers had doggedly harvested the wheat adjacent successful midst of a Russian rocket attack.

At the clip of the invasion, Mr. Ismahilov was 1 of the astir elder Muslim clerics successful Ukraine, but afterward, Mr. Ismahilov, 44, joined the Ukrainian territorial defence and served arsenic the archetypal Muslim chaplain successful the Ukrainian military. He present besides works arsenic a combat medic with the aesculapian foundation ASAP Rescue Ukraine.

He had already experienced warfare and concern successful 2014, erstwhile pro-Russian separatists seized powerfulness successful his autochthonal city, Donetsk, successful eastbound Ukraine. An outspoken person of a tiny but long-established Muslim assemblage successful that area, helium came nether menace from the separatist authorities and fled nether fearfulness of arrest.

Carlotta Gall reporting adjacent the beforehand enactment successful the Donetsk portion of Ukraine

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