Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 391 of the invasion

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  • Russian cruise missiles intended for usage by Moscow’s Black Sea fleet person been destroyed successful an explosion successful the metropolis of Dzhankoi successful the northbound of the Crimean peninsula, Ukraine’s defence ministry has said. Ihor Ivin, the Russian-installed caput of the Dzhankoi administration, was quoted arsenic saying the metropolis had travel nether onslaught from drones, and that a 33-year-old antheral had suffered a shrapnel wounded from a downed drone.

  • Russia and China “share the same, oregon immoderate akin goals”, Xi Jinping told Vladimir Putin during informal talks astatine the Kremlin connected Monday. Upon his arrival, the state-owned quality bureau Tass reported that Xi had said: “China and Russia are bully neighbours and reliable partners”. Xi besides told him helium was definite the Russian radical would support Putin successful the 2024 statesmanlike election, though helium has not publically declared that helium volition question different term.

  • Putin told Xi helium welcomed Beijing’s connection to extremity the “acute crisis” successful Ukraine and helium viewed the program with respect. “You cognize that we are ever acceptable for negotiating and we volition sermon each those questions, including your suggestions,” the Russian person told his Chinese counterpart astatine the Kremlin.

  • US caput of authorities Antony Blinken criticised Xi for providing “diplomatic cover” for Russia to proceed committing warfare crimes. Blinken said the sojourn “suggests that China feels nary work to clasp the Kremlin accountable for the atrocities committed successful Ukraine.” Blinken voiced scepticism implicit China’s “peace” proposals to extremity the Ukraine conflict, informing they could beryllium a “stalling tactic” to assistance Russian troops connected the crushed successful Ukraine.

  • Any aboriginal bid program indispensable necessitate Russia to retreat its troops from each Ukrainian territory, Oleksiy Danilov, the caput of Ukraine’s nationalist information and defence council, has reiterated. The look for the palmy implementation of China’s “peace plan” indispensable see the restoration of Ukraine’s “sovereignty, independency and territorial integrity”, Danilov posted connected Twitter.

  • Yevgeny Prigozhin, the caput of Russia’s Wagner mercenary group, has written to Russia’s defence minister, Sergei Shoigu, to pass that the Ukrainian service is readying an imminent offensive aimed astatine cutting disconnected his forces from the main assemblage of Russian troops successful eastbound Ukraine. In the letter published by his property service, Prigozhin said the “large-scale attack” was planned for precocious March oregon the commencement of April. Separately, Prigozhin besides intensified his onslaught connected Shoigu, calling the minister’s son-in-law a “scumbag blogger”.

  • The authoritative for the ICC has said the satellite needs to “have the stamina” to enforce planetary instrumentality by trying those accused of warfare crimes successful Ukraine, 4 days aft the tribunal took enactment against Vladimir Putin. Karim Khan besides challenged the Kremlin to let Ukrainian children abducted to Russia to instrumentality home, aft his tribunal issued an apprehension warrant for Putin and Russia’s children’s commissioner, Maria Lvova-Belova, connected the grounds that they had overseen the forcible transportation of thousands of children.

  • EU ministers person reached a woody to proviso Ukraine with 1m rounds of shells to bolster its defences against Russia’s invasion. EU overseas and defence ministers are inactive fine-tuning a €1bn program for the associated procurement of ammunition by the Brussels-based European Defence Agency. Such an statement would beryllium a important infinitesimal for the EU, which has constricted acquisition of the associated acquisition of subject supplies. So far, astir 15 countries are expected to instrumentality portion successful the voluntary initiative.

  • The US volition nonstop Ukraine $350m successful weapons and equipment, Blinken has announced. The latest assistance bundle includes a ample magnitude of assorted types of ammunition, specified arsenic rockets for the high-mobility artillery rocket systems (Himars), the US caput of authorities said successful a statement.

  • Norway has delivered 8 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, a spokesperson for its equipped forces has said. Norway, which shares a borderline with Russia successful the Arctic, said it would also nonstop 4 special-purpose tanks from its armoured engineering and span furniture category, the nonstop enactment depending connected what Ukraine needs the most.

  • Putin, speaking before his gathering with Xi, said deepening ties betwixt Moscow and African countries was a cardinal extremity for the Kremlin. In a televised code to delegates astatine a Russia-Africa parliamentary conference, Putin besides said Russia would provide atom to African countries for free should the Black Sea atom woody not beryllium extended successful May.

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