Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 395 of the invasion

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  • At slightest 10 civilians were killed and 20 wounded from long-range Russian bombardments successful respective parts of Ukraine connected Friday, officials said. The casualties included 2 radical who died successful dense Russian shelling of the municipality of Bilopillia successful Sumy state successful bluish Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s bureau said.

  • The United Nations has said it is “deeply concerned” by what it said were summary executions of prisoners of warfare by some Russian and Ukrainian forces connected the battlefield. A caller study from the UN’s bureau of the precocious commissioner for quality rights said its monitors had documented dozens of the executions by some sides, that the existent fig was apt higher and that they “may represent warfare crimes”.

  • The Russian erstwhile president Dmitry Medvedev said Moscow was readying for a Ukrainian counteroffensive that “everyone knows” Kyiv is preparing for. Medvedev, who is lawman seat of Putin’s almighty information council, warned that Moscow was acceptable to usage “absolutely immoderate weapon” if Ukraine attempted to retake the Crimean peninsula that Russia annexed successful 2014.

  • Russian forces attacked bluish and confederate stretches of the beforehand successful eastbound Ukraine’s eastbound Donbas region connected Friday. Ukrainian subject reports described dense warring on a enactment moving from Lyman to Kupiansk, arsenic good arsenic successful the southbound astatine Avdiivka connected the outskirts of the Russian-held metropolis of Donetsk.

  • The US president, Joe Biden, has said helium believed China has not sent arms to Russia aft its penetration of Ukraine. “I’ve been proceeding present for the past 3 months China is going to supply important weapons to Russia ... They haven’t yet,” helium told a quality league connected Friday. “Doesn’t mean they won’t, but they haven’t yet.”

  • Ukraine claimed Russian forces were “running retired of steam” successful Bakhmut and its commanders person started to rise the imaginable of an improbable turnaround successful the besieged eastbound Ukrainian city.

  • Three women were among astatine slightest 5 radical killed aft a Russian rocket struck 1 of the “invincibility points” providing refuge and basal services for Ukrainian civilians successful the eastbound metropolis of Kostiantynivka successful the Donetsk region, section officials said. The Russians attacked overnight connected Thursday with S-300 anti-aircraft missiles, prosecutors said

  • Air unit commanders from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark person agreed to make a unified Nordic aerial defence aimed astatine countering the rising menace from Russia, they said. The volition is to beryllium capable to run jointly based connected already known ways of operating nether Nato, according to statements by the 4 countries’ equipped forces. The Danish aerial unit commander, Major General Jan Dam, said: “Our combined fleet tin beryllium compared to a ample European country.”

  • About 10,000 civilians, galore of them aged and with disabilities, are surviving successful “very dire conditions” successful and astir Bakhmut, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Several 1000 civilians are estimated to stay successful the metropolis itself and beryllium “spending astir the full days successful aggravated shelling successful the shelters”, the ICRC’s Umar Khan said.

  • The EU’s overseas argumentation chief, Josep Borrell, has said the “friendship” betwixt China and Russia has limits, and that Europe should invited immoderate attempts by Beijing to region itself from Moscow’s warfare successful Ukraine. He said China “has not crossed immoderate reddish lines for us”, adding that Beijing’s proposals to extremity the warfare showed it did not privation to afloat align with Russia.

  • The bodies of 83 Ukrainian soldiers killed warring successful the warfare person been returned from the Russian side, a Ukrainian authoritative said. Separately, Kyiv said it handed implicit an undisclosed fig of earnestly wounded Russian soldiers.

  • Seven Ukrainian children person been reunited with their families aft being forcibly taken to Russian-occupied Crimea, the Kherson determination subject medication said.

  • The information concern astir the confederate Ukrainian metropolis of Mykolaiv volition person to amended earlier its ports tin beryllium included successful a woody allowing the harmless export of Ukrainian grain, a elder Ukrainian authoritative has said. The woody was extended this month, but Kyiv and Moscow disagree implicit however agelong the hold volition last.

  • The lad of a Russian determination politician who was owed to beryllium extradited from Italy to the US has disappeared, according to reports. US authorities person accused Artyom Uss, the lad of the politician of the Siberian portion of Krasnoyarsk, of amerciable lipid and weapons trade, wealth laundering, and authorisation violations.

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