Russian Missile Barrage Cuts Power and Water Across Ukraine

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Outages struck Kyiv and the surrounding region, arsenic good arsenic Lviv, Dnipro, Odesa and Kharkiv. Half of Moldova, whose grid is tied to Ukraine’s, besides mislaid power.

Smoke from a Russian artillery bombardment rising connected  Wednesday from the larboard  of the confederate  Ukrainian metropolis  of Kherson, which has travel  nether  regular  shelling this week from Russian positions located crossed  the Dnipro River.
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Marc SantoraThomas Gibbons-Neff

Nov. 23, 2022, 7:12 p.m. ET

KYIV, Ukraine — Russia pounded Ukraine’s vigor facilities connected Wednesday, arsenic missiles rocked Kyiv and different cities, plunging ample areas of the federation into darkness, shutting down h2o systems and cutting disconnected powerfulness successful fractional the neighboring state of Moldova.

The onslaught was the widest since Nov. 15, erstwhile 100 missiles and drones rained down, and among the astir devastating of the full war.

The blasts sent plumes of fume into the skies arsenic Ukrainian aerial defence systems worked to sprout down incoming rockets that Moscow has been aiming astatine vigor installations for weeks successful an effort to interruption Ukrainians’ volition by depriving them of airy and vigor successful the wintertime months.

“We person confirmation of hits connected captious infrastructure facilities successful respective regions,” the lawman caput of the Ukrainian president’s office, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, said successful a statement.

From Lviv successful the westbound to Dnipro and Odesa successful the southbound and Kharkiv successful the northeast, officials reported interruptions successful electricity, h2o and different cardinal services during the latest question of assaults by Russia aimed astatine disabling Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure and leaving its radical successful the acold and darkness. Winter upwind has already acceptable in, with subfreezing temperatures and snowfall crossed overmuch of the country.

“The upwind we person been preparing for and dreading is present upon the radical of Ukraine,” Rosemary A. DiCarlo, a United Nations nether caput general, told the Security Council Wednesday astatine an exigency gathering called by Ukraine.

The day’s barrage killed astatine slightest 10 radical and injured dozens, authorities officials said, portion Ukraine’s aerial defenses changeable down 51 of 70 Russian cruise missiles and 5 drones.


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“This is the Russian look of terror,” President Volodymyr Zelensky told the U.N. Security Council by video link. He added, “This is an evident transgression against humanity.”

He decried erstwhile again the council’s structure, which gives Russia and 4 different subordinate nations veto power.

“In your midst you person representatives of a authorities that does not connection thing but terror, instability and disinformation,” Mr. Zelensky told the Security Council. “This is simply a dormant end, erstwhile the instigator of this war, erstwhile the enactment liable for this terror, is blocking immoderate effort connected behalf of the information assembly to workout its mandate.”

The Russian ambassador, Vasily A. Nebenzya, blamed Ukraine and the NATO powers arming it, “conducting a proxy warfare with Russia,” for the harm to Ukrainian cities. He said Mr. Zelensky should not beryllium allowed to code the assembly but successful person, and — ignoring that Russia was the aggressor successful the warfare — defended his country’s conduct.

“To weaken and destruct the subject imaginable of our opponents, we are conducting strikes with precision weapons against vigor and different infrastructure, which is utilized for the intent of subject supplies to Ukrainian units,” helium said.

The harm has been widespread. Kyiv’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, said Wednesday that “one of the capital’s infrastructure facilities has been hit,” causing powerfulness outages passim the metropolis and the wider Kyiv region. He said h2o supplies were knocked retired successful each of Kyiv.

Lviv, which to day has mostly escaped the demolition visited connected different Ukrainian cities, mislaid powerfulness entirely. “The full metropolis is without light,” said its mayor, Andriy Sadovyi. “We are waiting for further accusation from vigor experts. There whitethorn beryllium interruptions with h2o supply.”

While attraction has focused for months connected the Zaporizhzhia atomic plant, 2 much atomic powerfulness plants came nether occurrence connected Wednesday, causing them to unopen down immoderate units. But officials with Ukrenergo, the country’s vigor agency, said that neither of the plants, the Khmelnytskyi installation successful occidental Ukraine and the Pivdennoukrainsk works successful the south, was successful contiguous danger.

Almost nary thermal and hydroelectric powerfulness plants stay undamaged aft waves of Russian strikes aimed astatine vigor infrastructure successful caller months, according to the caput of Ukraine’s nationalist energy grid.

“The standard of the demolition is colossal,” Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, the caput of Ukrenergo, told a quality league connected Tuesday.

Moscow’s effort to plunge the federation into acheronian and freezing conditions has already forced the nationalist inferior to instrumentality controlled but extended rolling blackouts, leaving astir everyone successful the state without powerfulness for betwixt 4 to 12 hours a day.


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In the municipality of Vilniansk, successful the confederate Zaporizhzhia region, a rocket struck a infirmary maternity ward overnight, sidesplitting a newborn lad and injuring his mother, the Ukrainian authorities said connected Wednesday. In video and photos posted online by officials, exigency workers pulled the boy’s parent and a doc from the wreckage of the two-story building, and dug with their hands to rescue a antheral buried waist-deep successful the rubble.

“Grief fills our hearts,” Oleksandr Starukh, the caput of the determination administration, said connected the Telegram messaging app.

“Putin’s motive could not beryllium much wide and much coldblooded,” Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the U.S. ambassador, told the U.N. Security Council. “He is clearly, intelligibly weaponizing wintertime to inflict immense suffering connected the Ukrainian people. He has decided if helium can’t prehend Ukraine by force, helium volition frost the state into submission.”

In Vyshhorod, a suburb of Kyiv, Volodymyr Sveytny, 19, said helium was moving connected his studies Wednesday erstwhile helium heard aerial defence systems firing into the sky. Looking retired a window, helium saw a winged cruise rocket streak implicit his vicinity and into a multistory residential complex, wherever it detonated. The detonation turned sidewalks for blocks astir into a treacherous premix of ice, snowfall and breached glass, and hours later, firefighters were inactive trying to douse the resulting blazes.

The blast shattered 1 of Mr. Sveytny’s flat windows, and helium instantly acceptable to enactment patching it over. “When the powerfulness goes out, vigor goes out, too,” helium explained.


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Mr. Zelensky announced a nationalist thrust called “Points of Invincibility” to hole thousands of makeshift centers to supply basal services successful the lawsuit of prolonged blackouts.

“If monolithic Russian strikes instrumentality spot again and if determination is an knowing that the energy proviso cannot beryllium restored wrong hours, the enactment of ‘Points of Invincibility’ volition beryllium activated,” helium told the federation successful his nightly address connected Tuesday.

“All basal services volition beryllium there,” helium said, including electricity, mobile communications, net access, heat, water, and first-aid supplies.

In the cardinal metropolis of Dnipro, postulation lights went acheronian and buses stopped aft explosions were heard adjacent the metropolis astatine astir 2:30 p.m. An hr earlier that, astatine slightest 1 cruise rocket was seen flying northbound of the city.

Subway work was halted and radical were being evacuated from underground trains aft a powerfulness outage successful the metropolis of Kharkiv, said the mayor, Ihor Terekhov.

Moldova, Ukraine’s occidental neighbour whose Soviet-era energy systems stay interconnected with Ukraine’s, was experiencing “massive powerfulness outages crossed the country,” the country’s infrastructure minister, Andrei Spinu, wrote connected Facebook.

While Moscow is moving debased connected precision cruise missiles, according to Ukraine and its allies, Ukrainian quality reports suggest the Kremlin inactive has capable successful its arsenal to transportation retired attacks of a standard rivaling the Nov. 15 onslaught “three oregon 4 much times.”

At a hilltop cemetery successful Kyiv, Serhiy Myronov, a Ukrainian worker who was precocious killed successful action, was being buried erstwhile the archetypal explosions rang out. A assemblage of much than 100 radical waiting to propulsion ungraded into the sedate looked up into the sky.

“Air defenses,” 1 pistillate said.


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A two-story residential gathering was besides hit, according to the Kyiv City Military Administration, and astatine slightest 1 idiosyncratic died.

Andriy Yermak, an advisor to Mr. Zelensky, said that the aerial attacks connected vigor infrastructure are a portion of a “malign strategy” by Russia, which has been pushed back into antiaircraft positions successful the southbound and northeast aft Ukrainian forces reclaimed astir 55 percent of the territory occupied by Moscow during the aboriginal months of the war. Russia remains connected the onslaught toward 1 eastbound city, Bakhmut.

“Their extremity is obvious: to origin a large-scale humanitarian catastrophe, to provoke different exile situation successful Europe,” Mr. Yermak said successful a statement. “It’s either unit Ukraine to marque bid oregon unit the West to unit Ukraine to marque peace.”

Pope Francis connected Wednesday leveled 1 of his strongest condemnations yet against Russia’s invasion, comparing Moscow’s attacks connected civilian targets to the “terrible genocide” of the 1930s successful Ukraine, erstwhile the policies of the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin caused a devastating famine.

“Let america commune for bid successful the world, and for an extremity to each conflicts, with a peculiar thought for the unspeakable suffering of the beloved and martyred radical of Ukraine,” helium said during his play wide assemblage successful St. Peter’s Square.

Mr. Zelensky connected Tuesday said it was wide that Russia was aiming “to crook the acold of wintertime into a limb of wide destruction.”

He encouraged radical successful towns and cities crossed the state to spell to a authorities website,, to find 1 of the 4,000 planned centers for basal services nearest their home.

People moving astatine the centers, helium said, would beryllium capable to nonstop residents to the nearest state station, bank, pharmacy and market store successful the lawsuit of a blackout.

“All of america indispensable beryllium prepared for immoderate scenario,” helium said. “I americium sure: by helping each other, we volition each beryllium capable to get done this wintertime together.”


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In summation to the “Points of Invincibility” — its sanction meant to beforehand Ukrainian solidarity and courageousness — municipal workers successful Kyiv are mounting up 1,000 heating shelters that tin treble arsenic bunkers for hundreds of people, stocked with indispensable supplies to past much than a week. Similar efforts are underway successful towns and cities astir the nation.

In parts of the state precocious reclaimed from retreating Russian forces, including the confederate metropolis of Kherson, the harm to infrastructure is truthful terrible that Ukraine’s authorities is helping residents evacuate to different parts of the country, and urging those who fled earlier successful the warfare not to instrumentality yet. But Ukrainian officials person emphasized that determination is nary request for a broader evacuation.

“I judge that the telephone for a wide departure of Ukrainians overseas is presently inappropriate,” Mr. Kudrytskyi said.

In a mostly symbolic move, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to statement Russia a authorities sponsor of terrorism.

Marc Santora reported from Kyiv and Thomas Gibbons-Neff from Dnipro, Ukraine. Natalia Yermak contributed reporting from Dnipro.

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