Ryanair and family locked in £165 check-in row

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Damian Lloyd and familyImage source, Damian Lloyd

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Damian Lloyd and his woman and girl had to wage £165 to cheque successful astatine the airport. Their lad flew retired separately to articulation them connected holiday

By Ez Roberts

Business reporter, BBC News

A household is locked successful quality with Ryanair aft being charged £165 to cheque successful astatine the airdrome and being told by the hose that they had "unchecked themselves".

Damian Lloyd had checked successful his household a period successful advance, and brought the printed boarding passes to the airport.

But the barcodes would not scan truthful the household had to wage to cheque successful again.

Mr Lloyd tried to reclaim the wealth but Ryanair said they had unchecked earlier flying, truthful the interest was justified.

After respective weeks of email exchanges, the hose has present referred Mr Lloyd to a quality solution service.

'Total shock'

Health and information manager Mr Lloyd had booked a 10-day household vacation to Gran Canaria successful July.

The 50-year-old from Neath is simply a regular flyer and says helium has ne'er had a occupation with Ryanair's other fees earlier - helium had happily paid to reserve seats - truthful was "in full shock" erstwhile his, his wife's and his daughter's boarding passes did not scan.

A Ryanair worker astatine the check-in table was arsenic confused.

"He looked connected the computer, and our names and spot numbers came up. But for immoderate crushed [the boarding passes] weren't scanning. He didn't cognize why," Mr Lloyd told the BBC.

As it was an aboriginal greeting flight, the worker could not telephone Ryanair's lawsuit work to analyse the occupation arsenic it was not yet open.

Passengers are not allowed to committee a Ryanair level unless their boarding passes are scanned, truthful the household was fixed a prime - either hold for lawsuit work to unfastened and miss their flights, oregon wage for caller passes.

As the adjacent flights were 3 days away, Mr Lloyd decided to wage up.

Mr Lloyd said that the check-in worker told him it was a machine glitch. "He said we could assertion the wealth back."

But erstwhile helium requested a refund, Ryanair rejected the claim, saying it wasn't a responsibility with its system.

Customer work archetypal told Mr Lloyd helium had not verified his identity, but aboriginal agreed this was "inaccurate". They past told him helium had unchecked the time earlier his flight.

"Ryanair came up with each excuse nether the sun," helium said.

A spokesperson for Ryanair told the BBC: "[The family] unchecked themselves connected the website connected 22 July and ignored the pop-up that warned them they would person to cheque successful again and make caller boarding passes.

"As they didn't person valid boarding passes, they were correctly charged the airdrome check-in fee."

Mr Lloyd denies this, saying: "I can't retrieve going connected the website aft I checked in.

"They gain hundreds of millions a year. If I had made the mistake I'd enactment my hands successful the aerial and wage but I did person the close passes."

Ryanair has referred Mr Lloyd to AviationADR, an autarkic hose quality solution scheme, arsenic their quality cannot beryllium resolved.

The contented of hose fees has travel nether the spotlight aft an aged mates were charged £110 by Ryanair to people their tickets astatine the airport.

The mates told the BBC they had to wage airdrome check-in fees aft mistakenly downloading their instrumentality tickets alternatively of their outgoing ones.

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