Sam Heughan’s 5 Favorite Places in Glasgow

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“The portion of ‘Outlander’ that I emotion the astir is the history: the clan culture, the folklore and backmost stories (and consequences) of the Jacobite Rising,” said Sam Heughan, 42, who has played the heartthrob Highland warrior Jamie Fraser successful the time-travel bid since 2014.


Sam Heughan looks consecutive  into the camera. He has acheronian  brownish  hair, a stubble beard and is wearing a achromatic  turtleneck.
The Scottish histrion Sam Heughan has portrayed Jamie Fraser successful the time-travel bid “Outlander” since 2014. Credit...Charlie Gray

This emotion of past feeds his passionateness for the past metropolis of Glasgow. A emblematic time for Mr. Heughan involves meandering past medieval cathedrals, Victorian cobbled lanes, Georgian architecture constructed erstwhile the metropolis was a large baccy and sweetener hub, and 19th-century tenements built during the Industrial Revolution, erstwhile alloy and ships were mass-produced here. “Glasgow has got beauteous parts and grit. The combination, positive incredibly good-natured people, are the city’s charm,” helium said.

Beyond the long-running series, Mr. Heughan conscionable completed shooting a tv amusement called “The Couple Next Door” for Starz and Britain’s Channel 4, and is launching a “wild Scottish” gin nether the Sassenach label, a whisky-focused spirits marque that helium founded successful 2020. (The sanction means “a foreigner” successful Gaelic, and is besides Jamie Fraser’s word of endearment for Claire, his wife, played by Caitríona Mary Balfe.)

When helium does person escaped time, Mr. Heughan is retired and about. “I emotion walking and moving on the River Clyde to Glasgow Green with a imaginable halt astatine the microbrewery Drygate for a beer,” helium said. Hiking is different pastime (Mr. Heughan’s caller memoir, “Waypoints: My Scottish Journey,” chronicles his acquisition tackling the 96-mile West Highland Way hike). “A wee walk, oregon stravaigin successful aged Scots speak, is bully for intelligence health,” helium said.

He is besides a instrumentality of Citizens Theatre successful the working-class Gorbals area, which puts connected avant-garde productions and is progressive successful assemblage engagement. “I came present arsenic a child, performed present arsenic a pupil and did my archetypal nonrecreational amusement present called ‘Outlying Islands.’ It holds a batch of memories,” helium said. (The theatre is presently closed for refurbishment. )

On the taxable of the kilt, yes, Mr. Heughan does athletics 1 successful existent life. “Kilts are astir a feeling. They marque you basal taller, and locomotion stronger. Scots deterioration them for immoderate excuse. If you spell to a pub successful one, you’ll beryllium getting a escaped portion astatine immoderate constituent successful the evening.”

Here are 5 of his favourite places successful Glasgow.


The Ben Nevis barroom is simply a Glasgow institution, the histrion Sam Heughan said helium has visited for years. Credit...Robert Ormerod for The New York Times

A tiny whisky barroom tucked into the Finnieston area, a hipster pouch of the West End, is deemed “a Glasgow institution” by Mr. Heughan. “I went determination arsenic a student” — helium studied play astatine the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland — “and I spell determination now. People talk Gaelic, and determination is unrecorded accepted Scottish music, sometimes planned, sometimes impromptu. It’s a peculiar place.”


A whisky tasting successful the Ben Nevis bar, which besides offers unrecorded music.Credit...Robert Ormerod for The New York Times


A bartender reaches for 1 of the galore bottles down the barroom astatine Ben Nevis, which is named for the highest upland successful Scotland.Credit...Robert Ormerod for The New York Times


Kelvingrove Bridge is portion of the 85-acre Kelvingrove Park successful Glasgow’s West End. Credit...Robert Ormerod for The New York Times

In the West End, bisected by the River Kelvin, this 85-acre parkland dappled with Victorian fountains, expansive stairwells and an arched chromatic span with carved balustrades is wherever locals travel to bent retired during the warmer months.

“You tin person a picnic, locomotion nether the bridges and sojourn some Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, arsenic good arsenic the University of Glasgow, which is conscionable up the hill,” Mr. Heughan said. For a trade ale pick-me-up nearby, helium recommends a “secret” barroom called Inn Deep conscionable nether the Kelvingrove Bridge.


Glaswegians travel to the parkland to picnic and bask drinks successful the sun.Credit...Robert Ormerod for The New York Times


Inn Deep is simply a “secret” barroom nether the Kelvingrove Bridge.Credit...Robert Ormerod for The New York Times


The Dakota Grill specializes successful grass-fed Scotch beef. Credit...Robert Ormerod for The New York Times

He whitethorn not enactment overnight, but Mr. Heughan dines astatine the edifice wrong this modernist, Scottish-founded edifice successful the metropolis halfway adjacent to the West End. The Dakota Grill specializes successful grass-fed Scotch beef simply grilled implicit coals, and is besides known for ethically sourced seafood and modern takes connected venison and lamb. “The interior is acheronian and sexy, and I similar their cocktail paper (whisky sour, naturally) and simply grilled Scottish steak.”


The barroom astatine the Dakota Hotel, wherever Mr. Heughan likes the cocktail menu. Credit...Robert Ormerod for The New York Times


I.J. Mellis is an old-world-style food store connected Great Western Road.Credit...Robert Ormerod for The New York Times

This old-world benignant store connected Great Western Road is Mr. Heughan’s go-to for locally sourced cheeses and accompaniments (quince paste, cornichons, olives, chutneys, oatcakes). “I’m not a dessert guy, but astatine the extremity of a meal, I tin harm a food board, particularly 1 with Orkney and Isle of Mull Cheddars,” helium said. The store besides offers tastings led by food mongers connected Thursday evenings.


I.J. Mellis is Sam Heughan’s store for cheeses and the accompaniments needed for a food board. Credit...Robert Ormerod for The New York Times


The seafood platter astatine the Crabshakk Finnieston, is packed with langoustines, mussels, scallops and more. Credit...Robert Ormerod for The New York Times

Since 2009, this blistery spot successful Finnieston been serving up stellar seafood successful a buzzy atmosphere. Mr. Heughan sits astatine the antagonistic facing the unfastened room and orders the seafood platter with langoustines and scallops and immoderate champagne. “The nutrient tastes similar a solemnisation of Scotland, which has the champion seafood successful the world,” helium said.

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