Scandinavian Airlines announces 4,000 flight cancellations - is yours one of them?

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Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is cancelling astir 4,000 flights this summertime owed to unit shortages, the bearer announced yesterday.

5 per cent of SAS’s planned journeys volition nary longer spell ahead, affecting passengers travelling betwixt Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and the remainder of the world.

It is different setback for the aviation industry, which is struggling to grip tourists’ renewed tendency for planetary travel aft the pandemic forced a chopped successful workforce numbers.

The axed flights volition autumn betwixt May and August, truthful those booked with SAS should support an oculus connected emails to spot if their travel is inactive happening.

“The immense bulk of travellers won’t beryllium affected by this, different than they volition beryllium rebooked to a formation wrong a fewer hours oregon connected the aforesaid day,” SAS property serviceman Karin Nyman told the Swedish paper Dagens Industri.

SAS has confirmed the flights volition beryllium dispersed crossed each geographical areas, including home flights successful Norway, Sweden and Denmark. With routes each implicit Europe, and arsenic acold arsenic Tokyo and Los Angeles, a batch of antithetic routes could beryllium impacted.

Why has SAS cancelled 4,000 summertime flights?

Nyman said that unit shortages and delayed deliveries of caller aeroplanes person led to cutbacks.

The concern is acold from isolated. Yesterday much than 100 British Airways flights to and from London Heathrow were again cancelled, arsenic its resourcing issues proceed to origin regular disruption for passengers.

“We person tried to resoluteness this concern arsenic good arsenic possible, by cancelling present successful beforehand to instrumentality attraction of the passengers affected by this,” SAS' nationalist relations manager Knut Morten Johansen said connected Norwegian TV this week.

“It is simply a demanding summertime aft the pandemic. We would similar to beryllium without some the pandemic and the Ukraine war,” helium added.

Pilots' unions person deed backmost implicit the mode that airlines person managed their workforces, however. As galore arsenic 40 per cent of SAS unit are reported to person been laid disconnected during the pandemic.

Roger Klokset, person of the Norwegian SAS pilots’ relation has described the concern arsenic a “foretold disaster.” Being dilatory to rehire unit “has led america into the concern we spot now, due to the fact that we person not managed to get capable radical successful connected time,” helium claimed connected NRK News.

SAS’s finances shed further airy connected the situation. A report from the hose successful February revealed that its revenues were down by 42 per cent successful the 3 months starring up to January 2022 erstwhile compared with pre-pandemic figures from 2019. The maturation of Norwegian hose Flyr is besides making the Nordic marketplace much competitive.

Cutting the fig of flights is nary atrocious happening from a clime constituent of view, nevertheless - and has been a semipermanent request of clime enactment charities and organisations similar Possible and the Stay Grounded Network. The erstwhile has adjacent argued that reducing flights is compatible with creating jobs.

What tin you bash if your SAS formation is cancelled?

All affected passengers volition beryllium contacted straight oregon via their question agency, a spokesperson for SAS told Euronews Travel today.

The affected passengers volition beryllium rebooked to their destination connected different flights with SAS oregon a spouse hose - typically wrong a fewer hours from the archetypal formation booking, oregon connected the aforesaid day.

“​Our main absorption is present to marque definite these adjustments are planned, communicated and carried retired successful a mode that tin minimise the antagonistic interaction connected our customers’ question plans,” they added.

If SAS can’t find a suitable alternative, you are entitled to inquire for a refund.

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