Scott Morrison secretly appointed to five ministries, including treasury and home affairs, says PM

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The premier minister, Anthony Albanese, says Scott Morrison was appointed to 5 further ministries, including treasury and location affairs, labelling his predecessor’s actions an “unprecedented trashing of our democracy”.

“I tin accidental that today, I person been informed by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet that betwixt March 2020 successful May 2021, the premier curate Scott Morrison was appointed to 5 further portfolios,” Albanese told a property league connected Tuesday morning.

Albanese said successful summation to his assignment arsenic the caput of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Morrison was appointed to administer the Department of Health connected 14 March 2020, the Department of Finance connected 30 March 2020, the Department of Home Affairs and the Department of the Treasury connected 6 May 2021, and the Department of Industry, subject vigor and resources connected the 15 April 2021.

The premier curate said the erstwhile authorities had “deliberately undermined the checks and balances that are truthful important and indispensable for our democracy.”

“He told america helium was a bulldozer and his Coalition colleagues conscionable shrugged their shoulders and cheered him on, not successful 1 predetermination but successful 2 elections. Turns out, helium was the world’s archetypal stealth bulldozer,” said Albanese.

“Operating successful secret, keeping the operations of the authorities from the Australian radical themselves. And misleading parliament arsenic to who was holding what portfolios and who was responsible.”

Earlier, Morrison defended his actions successful secretly having himself sworn into aggregate ministry roles, saying they were “safeguards” and “the close decision” during the pandemic.

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