Singapore: The penguins given world-first cataract surgery

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A penguin undergoes oculus  surgeryImage source, Mandai Wildlife Group

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A king penguin undergoing a first-of-its-kind oculus process successful Singapore

By Nicholas Yong

BBC News, Singapore

From the largest aviary successful Asia they went, sitting successful buckets filled with crystal to support them chill portion transported successful air-conditioned vans.

A speedy 30km (19-mile) thrust later, the 3 king penguins and 3 Humboldt penguins had arrived astatine a session successful Singapore's east.

There, a five-person veterinary squad were waiting to execute a delicate oculus procedure, thought to beryllium a satellite archetypal for penguins.

The sextet underwent the removal of the cloudy lenses caused by cataracts - a communal age-related information that develops successful geriatric animals and hinders their imaginativeness - earlier receiving custom-made intraocular lens implants.

The lenses were manufactured successful Germany to acceptable each penguin's eye, based connected precise measurements, and took astir 2 months to make, said the Mandai Wildlife Group (MWG). The radical manages immoderate 21,000 animals, comprising astir 1,000 species, crossed 4 wildlife parks successful Singapore.

"We noticed the cloudiness successful their lens and [that they were] moving astir similar they were having trouble seeing things successful beforehand of them," said MWG veterinarian Dr Ellen Rasidi.

In the contiguous aftermath, the penguins had to enactment retired of h2o and successful a abstracted den from the remainder of their colony. Eye drops were besides administered doubly daily.

But astir 3 months aft the procedure, which took up to 2.5 hours for each penguin, the aquatic flightless birds tin spot intelligibly now, with a noticeable summation successful responsiveness and enactment levels.

Image source, Mandai Wildlife Group

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Holly the Humboldt penguin, aged 17, is present much progressive and responsive to her environment

MWG has carried retired cataract surgeries connected different geriatric animals similar oversea lions and orangutans successful the past. It has besides adopted innovations specified arsenic printing 3D protective shoes for birds of prey, successful bid to dainty a perchance fatal ft disease.

But Dr Gladys Boo, a veterinary ophthalmologist who led the procedure, reckons that it is apt the archetypal clip penguins person successfully received intraocular lens implants, marking a "milestone" successful veterinary medicine.

"As a larger species, the king penguins person eyes ample and unchangeable capable to clasp the customized lenses successful place, truthful we decided to prosecute this world-first procedure," said Dr Boo, who is 1 of lone 3 individuals successful South-East Asia certified by the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists, a renowned vet institution.

The country was analyzable by the unsocial characteristics of penguins, specified arsenic a 3rd eyelid, which protects their eyes underwater but had a inclination to adjacent during the surgery.

MWG declined to uncover the outgo of the surgery, but said it was undertaken to amended the penguins' prime of life.

Image source, Mandai Wildlife Group

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Dr Gladys Boo checks the oculus of a king penguin astatine Singapore's Jurong Bird Park

The penguins were archetypal diagnosed by Dr Boo during check-ups conducted past August arsenic portion of the MWG's elder carnal attraction plan, which has been providing specialised attraction for aged animals since 2017.

It involves much predominant wellness checks and specialised diets for 361 geriatric animals, arsenic good arsenic circumstantial adjustments to their exhibits. Examples see putting perches for geriatric birds connected little levels for easier access, and adding other padding oregon bedding successful preferred remainder areas.

The penguins reside astatine Singapore's Jurong Bird Park, a fashionable tourer attraction which houses immoderate 5,000 birds.

King penguins hail from the South Atlantic and the South Indian Ocean and are the second-largest of their benignant successful the world, portion Humboldt penguins travel from South America. The erstwhile tin unrecorded up to 40 years successful captivity, and the second typically unrecorded for 15-20 years.

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