Sir Rod Stewart pays for patients' scans as he calls for nurses' wages to rise

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Sir Rod Stewart has told Sky News helium backs wage rises for nurses and inferior doctors portion informing against a determination towards a US-style healthcare system.

The vocalist paid for members of the nationalist to person scans astatine a mobile scanning portion astatine The Princess Alexandra Hospital successful Essex today, which helium pledged to bash during a Sky News phone-in astir the authorities of the NHS past month.

Speaking to Sky News presenter Sarah-Jane Mee today, helium said: "There indispensable beryllium capable wealth successful the coffers to wage up for these nurses.

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"Only 2 years agone we were clapping and present perceive - they worked truthful hard."

He added that counteroffers made by inferior doctors successful their negotiations, who person contiguous announced a caller question of strikes, were "reasonable".

 Friday February 24, 2023.

Image: Sir Rod Stewart has called for NHS wage rises

The authorities is presently holding talks with nursing unions astir wage and conditions.

Sir Rod warned: "If we don't person the NHS, it volition beryllium similar the United States.

"When you spell into an emergency, they say, 'right, spell done your documents' and it's unbelievable successful America.

"It doesn't enactment determination either, but I deliberation it's moving amended than [it] is present astatine the infinitesimal - we indispensable propulsion it together."

Sir Rod, speaking astir his pledge to money scans for members of the public, said: "If this is simply a large success, and I deliberation it volition be, I'd similar to bash it successful Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and conscionable support it going.

"I anticipation immoderate different radical travel maine due to the fact that I privation to beryllium I americium not each rima and nary trousers - and that's wherefore I'm present to beryllium that I've followed through."

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Sir Rod Stewart calls Sky News

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When the vocalist phoned Sky News past month, helium explained helium had been to a backstage session connected Harley Street successful London for his ain scan, but had arrived precocious - lone to beryllium told the session wasn't engaged anyway.

"I thought, this is simply a unspeakable injustice - truthful present we are."

One of the patients, Edmund, whose scan was paid for by Sir Rod, said his process was "much needed".

"I've been waiting a month, truthful I had a spot of occupation with a sciatic nervus successful my backmost and down my legs, which is the crushed I needed assistance walking around," helium said.

"It's hard to slumber and assorted different things, truthful I'm truly pleased for it to beryllium done truthful we tin find retired what's wrong.

"I'm retired present officially, and what person I been paying the past 40 years for? He shouldn't beryllium having to subsidise it to get the existent MRI scan done."

 Friday February 24, 2023.

Another idiosyncratic who had a scan paid for by Sir Rod, Omarie, said helium "starstruck" by the singer.

He added: "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I waited for months for the scan... connected my knees. It's amazing. God bless you and God bless him."

When contacted by Sky News for a effect to Sir Rod's comments, the Department of Health pointed to a associated connection it released with the Royal College of Nursing connected Tuesday.

This announced that the 2 sides had agreed to participate into "intensive talks", during which onslaught enactment by nurses would beryllium paused.

"Both sides are committed to uncovering a just and tenable colony that recognises the captious relation that nurses and nursing play successful the National Health Service and the wider economical pressures facing the United Kingdom and the premier minister's precedence to halve inflation," the connection said.

"The talks volition absorption connected pay, presumption and conditions, and productivity enhancing reforms."

Sir Rod besides spoke of his enactment for sending jets to Ukraine, saying: "If I'm going to get political, I deliberation we should nonstop the Ukrainians our F-16s - that's up to you, premier minister.

"I've been supporting them for years - I person a emblem and I deterioration a bluish and yellowish suit for a opus and dedicate it to them.

"And we consciousness precise powerfully astir it due to the fact that if the Ukrainians lose, it's the extremity of civilization arsenic we cognize it. You know, it's each implicit F-16s"

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