‘Something for everybody’: Dua Lipa joins Margaret Atwood on Hay festival 2023 lineup

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Booker prize victor Margaret Atwood, instrumentalist Dua Lipa, stone duo the Proclaimers and writer laureate Simon Armitage are to look astatine Hay festival 2023.

The festival contiguous announced 32 early-bird events for its festival adjacent year, which volition instrumentality spot from 25 May to 4 June successful Hay-on-Wye successful Wales.

Atwood volition talk astir her abbreviated communicative postulation Old Babes successful the Wood, and Simon Armitage’s lawsuit volition absorption connected his spoken satellite azygous Never Good With Horses. Dua Lipa volition bash a unrecorded signaling of her podcast, At Your Service, portion the Proclaimers volition beryllium among the unrecorded euphony performers astatine the festival.

Lipa said she had “wanted to research the bookshops of Hay and acquisition the literate ambiance of the Hay Festival for specified a agelong time.”

“So I’m thrilled that I volition beryllium determination adjacent twelvemonth to stock stories connected signifier and disconnected with immoderate of my favourite authors, and to soak up the inspiration alongside my chap publication lovers.”

“There truly is thing for everybody,” said Hay festival CEO Julie Finch. “Obviously, Dua Lipa is simply a large 1 for us”, whose podcast signaling volition hopefully assistance the festival with its purpose of “leaning into younger audiences”.

The festival is “doing much work” to pull much divers audiences, portion “recognising that this does instrumentality time, it’s not thing that is going to hap overnight”, Finch added.

The 2023 festival volition besides purpose to beryllium 1 of its astir accessible festivals ever, with partnerships with Adult Learning Wales, the University of South Wales, the Empathy Lab, Head4Arts and The Family Place helping it to enactment unneurotic projects to “attract harder-to-reach communities”. The festival volition besides enactment successful spot a “plethora of caller sustainability measures” that volition “help to tackle the biology impacts of moving a festival”.

Since 2020, the Hay festival has streamed astatine slightest immoderate of its events online. Finch said she and her colleagues “really privation to” bash this again, and physique connected the “fantastic archive” they person been building.

Also appearing astatine the festival volition beryllium novelist Caleb Azumah Nelson, Guardian columnist Marina Hyde, historiographer Simon Schama, question writer Isabella Tree, writer Gary Younge and broadcaster Jon Snow, portion Sir Michael Parkinson volition speech astir his publication My Sporting Life: Memories, Moments and Declarations.

In 2023 the festival is partnering with the Institute for Human Sciences successful Vienna to contiguous the archetypal of a bid of debates astir the aboriginal of Europe. These events volition see writer Misha Glenny discussing the emergence of autocracy with historiographer Orlando Figes, Turkish novelist and governmental thinker Ece Temelkuran, and Hungarian person and adept successful overseas argumentation Zsuzsanna Szelényi.

For children, the HAYDAYS programme includes an quality by actor, writer and Rizzle Kicks subordinate Jordan Stephens, who volition beryllium joined by illustrator Beth Suzanna to stock their caller book, The Missing Piece. Gruffalo writer Julia Donaldson will sermon imaginativeness and creativity, and historiographer Greg Jenner volition speech astir his past of mundane objects, You Are History.

The festival is besides holding 2 escaped schools days astatine the opening of the festivals, with unrecorded performances, workshops and storytelling sessions.

As good arsenic euphony from the Proclaimers, determination volition beryllium an all-star formed for a peculiar Shakespeare for Every Day of the Year gala, led by Allie Esiri, exertion of Shakespeare for Every Day of the Year and A Poem for Every Day of the Year.

Others booked for the festival includes writer Jeremy Bowen, navigator Rukmini Iyer and historiographer Andrea Wulf.

Early vertebrate tickets are connected merchantability present to Friends of Hay Festival, with a wide merchantability opening astatine 12pm connected Friday 16 December. The afloat Hay Festival 2023 programme volition beryllium revealed successful aboriginal spring.

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