Splendour in the Grass attendees told to monitor for symptoms of meningococcal disease after Sydney man’s death

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Authorities person told radical who attended Splendour successful the Grass to beryllium connected alert for symptoms of meningococcal disease, aft reporting that 1 antheral who attended the festival had since died of the disease.

Two cases of meningococcal person been confirmed successful radical who attended the Byron Bay euphony festival, including the antheral successful his 40s from Sydney, who died this week.

New South Wales Health announced the man’s decease connected Friday, and issued a nationalist wellness alert precocious connected Friday nighttime urging anyone who attended the lawsuit successful the North Byron Parklands betwixt 21 and 24 July to show themselves for symptoms.

“Although the illness is uncommon, it tin beryllium severe,” the authorization warned.

The festival said it had notified volunteers and unit of the wellness alert and was “working connected communicating the information” to each attendees.

“Splendour successful the Grass organisers are moving intimately with NSW Health authorities,” a spokesperson said.

In a statement, NSW Health said the man’s corruption was identified aft his decease and notified to authorities connected Thursday.

In an email to lawsuit volunteers, seen by Guardian Australia, organisers of the festival said: “The hazard to different unit and festival patrons is low.”

“We don’t privation to alarm anyone but we bash person the work to you arsenic our unit to alert you,” the email said.

It urged anyone with symptoms of the illness – which see fever, sore joints and muscles, nausea and vomiting, headache, cervix stiffness, discomfort looking astatine agleam light, a rash, limb pain, and acold extremities – to instantly spot a doc oregon spell to hospital.

“People who person had adjacent interaction with the 2 meningococcal cases volition beryllium offered antibiotics to forestall further spread,” the email said.

Bacteria tin dispersed betwixt radical who person had extended adjacent contact, portion symptoms tin instrumentality up to a week to develop.

Children whitethorn person little circumstantial symptoms including irritability, trouble walking, high-pitched crying and refusal to eat.

There person been 15 cases of the illness reported successful NSW this year.

“While meningococcal illness is present uncommon acknowledgment to vaccination, it tin hap twelvemonth round,” NSW Health said.

“We thin to spot increases successful precocious wintertime and aboriginal spring, with children nether 5 and 15- to 25-year-olds astatine the top hazard of contracting the disease.

“Vaccination is the champion mode to support yourself, your loved ones and assemblage from the harmful effects of meningococcal disease.”

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While rare, up to 1 successful 10 cases dice from the illness and 4 successful 10 effect successful imperishable disabilities.

Most Australians are vaccinated for meningococcal arsenic babies oregon children.

The enforcement manager of wellness extortion NSW, Dr Jeremy McAnulty, said aboriginal involution could beryllium lifesaving.

“Onset of meningococcal illness symptoms tin look abruptly and go precise superior precise quickly,” helium said. “If you fishy meningococcal disease, don’t hold for the rash – spot a doc immediately.”

There were 3 deaths from meningococcal past year. In July, a two-year-old from South Australia died aft contracting the disease.

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