Spotify's refresh isn't going down well - why are so many apps going for the same look?

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Spotify is preparing to rotation retired what it's hailed arsenic the "biggest evolution" to its fashionable euphony streaming app to date.

Announced astatine its Stream On lawsuit this week and acceptable to rotation retired implicit the coming months, its 500 cardinal users volition spot their location surface get a important makeover that laminitis Daniel Ek says volition spot the level "come alive" with antithetic contented - from videos to audiobooks.

But it didn't instrumentality agelong for observers to constituent retired that the caller look was not peculiarly caller astatine all. Quite the opposite, fixed its attempts to go an all-encompassing attention-sapper present has it looking similar TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram were piled into a blender and smothered implicit your telephone surface with nary country to spare.

Open Spotify erstwhile the revamp is complete, and your location surface could autoplay a video podcast you mightiness like; tapping into the euphony oregon podcasts conception volition bring up a vertical scrolling provender of content, keen to entice you into trying caller things and support you "engaged".

Remember erstwhile it conscionable wanted to play music?

"Spotify indispensable spell backmost to the bosom of its marque - enactment dependable first," says Grace Bilney of originative bureau Redhouse.

"The caller plan is confusing and image-led. It sends the incorrect message."

It's an appraisal shared by galore of those who watched the Stream On event.

Music shaper Tommy Danvers, who has worked with artists similar Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson, and Tom Jones, thinks efforts to echo a TikTok-style idiosyncratic acquisition are a mistake.

"When you've already got an app that's ascendant wrong its peculiar field, which Spotify is, trying to vie connected a antithetic level doesn't marque consciousness to me," helium says.

"Muddying the waters is robbing thing from the experience."

Spotify's caller   look   volition  rotation  retired  implicit    the coming months. Pics: Spotify

Image: Pic: Spotify

The changing look of your favourite apps

In fairness to Spotify, it is by nary means unsocial erstwhile it comes to apps trying to reinvent themselves.

While astir would see Spotify's main rival to beryllium thing similar Apple Music (which Spotify is comfortably up of successful presumption of users and reach), Ek and his squad volition spot thing that threatens however overmuch clip you walk connected their app arsenic a imaginable rival.

It's wherefore Instagram, erstwhile focused connected thing much than photos, took its stories diagnostic from Snapchat and pivoted towards short-form video erstwhile TikTok took off. YouTube did the aforesaid by launching Shorts successful 2021 - yet different endless vertical provender of snappy clips you mightiness like.

And TikTok is not conscionable a trend-setter, due to the fact that it joined Facebook past twelvemonth successful nicking the caller "one representation a day" attack taken by the upstart app BeReal and labelling it "TikTok Now".

So wherefore are truthful galore apps truthful hopeless to follow the aforesaid features and aesthetic?

Will Amazon 1 time go an endless treadmill of algorithmically-generated purchasing suggestions?

Is Microsoft Teams conscionable going to alteration into a vertical provender of meetings it thinks you whitethorn similar to join? In fairness, there's apt nary amended mode to revive the annoying Clippy mascot.

Bilney says it's each portion of an effort by tech companies to piggyback connected the occurrence of "micro-attention apps", keeping users hooked by funnelling a immense magnitude of contented past them successful a abbreviated abstraction of time.

And should the growing calls to prohibition TikTok implicit privateness concerns travel to fruition, it whitethorn look a astute play if Instagram, YouTube, oregon Spotify person down already down the groundwork to mop up immoderate of its idiosyncratic base.

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Why is TikTok getting banned?

'These platforms are astir attention'

"It's a immense accidental they're taking," Danvers says of Spotify's redesign, which helium sees arsenic different motion of people's changing attitudes towards euphony since streaming took hold.

"The worth has been sucked retired of euphony implicit the past 10 to 15 years - everybody wants music, but nobody's prepared to wage for it, they're rather blessed to ticker it for escaped connected YouTube oregon person the escaped tier connected Spotify.

"And present we're successful the mediate of a subscription warfare successful a outgo of surviving crisis. Maybe a fewer years agone you were comfy having a fewer of them, but present radical are reasoning 'do I truly request each these?'

"At the extremity of the day, each these platforms are astir attraction - tin I support your attraction arsenic agelong arsenic possible?"

Spotify bosses appeared to admit arsenic overmuch during the unveiling of their new-look app.

The company's co-president Gustav Soderstrom opened his remarks connected the redesign by noting that today's satellite "pulls america successful a cardinal antithetic directions".

Increasingly, galore of the apps we usage look determined to bash the same.

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